And Then There Were Four

It looks like we're getting down to the nitty gritty in the CFL. Thus far, it appears that the teams with the most desire to win are winning.

With Toronto vs Montreal next week, I'd say, "take your pick for the winner of this clash".

For the Saskatchewan vs BC game, it would surprize me a lot if BC lost. In fact, it would surprize me if BC fails to win the grey cup.

I'd venture to say that most fans feel the same way.
How about it?

I initially picked Calgary vs. Montreal in the Grey Cup. I am now changing that to Saskatchewan vs. Montreal. I think the Riders will upset the Lions.

If there's one team that would upset BC, it's the 'riders. They've had their number the last couple of years.

I would like to see a Saskatchewan Montreal final, with the Green Riders winning it, just to mix it up a bit.

So would I, but I have serious doubts about that.

It would be nice to see a Saskatchewan Roughriders - Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup game only because it would be the first time in CFL history that these two teams would play each other for the national championship.

I'm picking the Riders vs Alouettes in the final with Sakatchewan winning. They have an awesome defense, good core of receivers and 3 capable QB's. Their only weakness is their punting.

Doesn't the Montreal "Winged Wheelers" playing the RR's in 1931 count?

My PERSONAL preference would be a COLOURFUL Grey Cup between the Double Blue, and the Green Riders.

I would then EXPECT to see a hard fought defensive battle won in the closing seconds by ....

Danny Barrett and the Green Meanies !!


My gut feeling has the Riders and Argos in Earl Greys party.

Reality says the opposite .

I can't see the Riders stopping Geroy Simon and Bucko or Dickenson with a good running game to boot,well the boot has been their one questionable maybe Riders ,but their boot isn't up to snuff either,so ....hmmmm

I'm cheering for Anthony Calvillo ; Michael Bishop and Bucko Pierce!if it matters,looking forward to Sunday playoff football.

Am I alone in thinking BC will win it all?

It sure is lonely at the top! Ha ha

The smart money is on BC, I think. It just seems that Saskatchewan may have a team of destiny thing going. I can't help but think it'll be snuffed out in a very close game at BC place. I predict a huge comeback by the Riders that will fall just short.

I think the Lions will face their toughest opponent to the Grey Cup this coming Sunday. The Eastern team will have an easier time with the Riders than the Lions.

Still, I'm torn with who I want out of the West. I don't have a ticket to the Grey Cup yet, and I know I'll be paying a lot more from scalpers if Saskatchewan gets in.

Nope. The Alouettes didn't exist until 1946, so they've never played the Riders in the Grey Cup.

I'll be cheering for the Lions and the Alouettes on Sunday. And in the Grey Cup, Lions all the way!