And then there was speculation

I said it before and i`ll say it again . There wasnt one team in the CFL last season who would of traded thier recievers for ours even up . So what does that tell you about the players we had as starters at that position ??

  Flick made some nice catches when he was a Ticat but he`s not a GO TO reciever and he doesnt compare to the top recievers across the CFL . To get better we had to improve at reciever .

I doubt that Flick will be a starter in they have Anderson , Dominguez ,Armstead , who are all much better than Flick and have more size as well .

habman is right.

I have met Our GM a few Times…
I can even Tell you from Speaking to him
He dose Respect other People Ideas…
Is willing to listen to the Fans.
they won’t Change his Mind or Ideas.
He Dose Respect the Local Fan.

I might not agree with some of the Changes.
But Over all he has done a Fair job.

Not great but Fair