And then there was one less?

"[i]It appears Marwan Hage has decided to call it a career.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have called a news conference on Monday at which time, according to Drew Edwards of the Hamilton Spectator, Hage will announce his retirement.

After a long career with the Tiger-Cats, the veteran centre was claimed by the expansion Ottawa Redblacks in December.[/i]"

I kind of figured that when he didn't show up in Virginia for spring camp with his new team. Only in the CFL would a team call a press conference for a player under contract with another :lol:

Sucks for the Bombers who were hoping to land Lavertue.

This could makd the REDBLACKS re think who they may draft with the first overall pick. Still very deep with a variety of Canadian Olineman some starter ready, some on the verge and some still projects.
Could also change the possibility of playing 4 Canadian Olineman at least to start the season.
I really do not have an idea of which of the other 3 top lineman besides Tardiff is the best.

I doubt it. I think it might affect who they pick with their 2nd pick though.

From the Spectator's Drew Edwards 04/14/14

Can't fault him for that. I do wish he'd have made the decision earlier though. According to my research, it takes about nine months between conception and birth, so it's not as though he suddenly found out he was about to have a kid. Maybe before the start of free agency would have been nice. :expressionless:

It is unfortunate,but it is what it is.The RB's have experienced a few hiccups along the way so far,but being an expansion franchise,it's par for the course.So far out of the original 24 draftees,they have seen Kohlert resign with his old team(B.Bombers)K.Glenn refusing to report and demanding a trade and now Hage deciding to pack it in and retire,and on a lesser note Mascot "Big Joe" losing his last name "Mufferaw" :roll: I have to admit though that the positives outweigh the negatives so far and as the old saying goes...Ya win some,Ya lose some :cowboy: To managements credit though,at least they haven't drafted or signed any dead guys yet :oops: and looking at the roster,the RB's so far on paper seem to be putting together a very interesting team that I would love to see finish at least 2nd in their inaugural season....Smack dab behind my Cats and one up on the Al's and Argos in the East Division. :smiley: :thup:

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A few things:

Hage was a gamble that didn't work. In the 2nd non-import round, there couldn't have been an awful lot left available, especially if you're avoiding free agents. That would mean they were looking at Hamilton's 18th-best (give or take) Canadian player, or taking a chance on Hage. Low risk, high reward, didn't work.

Now apply that to Winnipeg and their much-larger FA list. I know it sounds like a dig for Desjardins to say that he saw nothng there to pick from, but it may have been literally true. There couldn't have been an awful lot of names left on that list. They didn't really want anybody so they chose a guy that they knew would probably leave. Whatever.

Lastly, I got some nice exposure to Toronto media the other and and CFL fans hate it. The RedBlacks were nominated for "dumbass of the week" for the Mufferaw thing by some clown. He referred to it as something like "one of many stumbles" since OSEG got the team.

Jeepers...Maybe my bar is set low because of the Riders and Renegades, but if this is as bad as it gets for real professional teams, I'll take it for the rest of my life.

With Hage gone they lose the one Olineman that could aesily take the spot as the leader of the Oline. The rest of the Olineman are younger talented players who have recently broke out or could be on the verge of a breakout type season.
Still with only high potential Import OT James Lee who should be able to take a OT spot will be interesting to see where they go to get some other Import OTs

Hage retiring has to be a bit of a blow for Ottawa. He would have allowed them to bring one of the younger centers along slower with less pressure. They will probably take Laval center Lavertu now to contest young center Krausnick. Starting guards should be Eppele and Deane with Allbright and Barrette backing them up. Nolan McMillan may well eventually sign after the NFL draft. He is rated the 125th Senior OT coming out this year so a FA contract is the best he could hope for. It is somewhat surprising Ottawa hasn't signed a few more import tackles beside Lee as it looks like they will have to go with two imports there. They must have a few guys on their neg list that are waiting to see where things stand in the NFL after the draft. There could also be some guys on other CFL teams who could be available after TC. One way or another they will bring in someone capable. There's always lots of imports to choose from.

They do have time and likely have quite a few on neg list. I would bet some are in the Arena League right now whom they are scouting. Without hage they may be a year or two before they can unleash 4 Canadians on the Oline. J. Deane has had substaincial expereince at RT while in Calgary and also started 13 games his SR season at Mich St at RT.
McMillion has had injury problems and with. Super regionals finalized and OTA's getting ready to begin if he does not see any solid NFL chances signing he may follow a pair of 2013 draft picks who have signed already

Here's a possibility:

It appears the Ottawa Redblacks may be adding some experience to their offensive line.

According to Yahoo Sports, a league source says the Redblacks are putting the final touches on a two-year deal with former NFLer Nate Menkin.

Menkin started his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012 before being dealt to the Houston Texans, where he spent last season on the practice squad.

The Miami Dolphins have also shown interest in Menkin, who may decide to play in the CFL first before taking another shot at the NFL.

Interesting guy: [url=] ... dir/nRNns/[/url]
Menkin became that All-American at offensive tackle. He was a four-year letterman for the Cru. And after his senior year, he snatched a piece of magic.

His coach at Mary Hardin-Baylor, Pete Fredenburg, took Menkin to the NFL pro day at Baylor. A lot of scouts were there to see Robert Griffin III.

They also saw Menkin, who bench-pressed 225 pounds 39 times. They saw him run the 40-yard dash in 5 seconds — a running back in a lineman's frame.

A scout for the Carolina Panthers drove to Belton that afternoon. He met with Fredenburg, who told him no one on his team committed more to the game than Menkin.

"He never asked more of anybody than he asked of himself," Fredenburg said.

When he signed with the Texans, Menkin became just the second player from Mary Hardin-Baylor to make it to the NFL.

With Hage officially calling it a career Ottawa seems to be making a move towards having a pair of Import Booken OTs. menkin seems to have some NFL options still available but coming to the CFL to get a chance to get onto the field and play is becoming a better option for some now.

Does anyone know if he was at the REDBLACKS recent mini camp???

Six more less:

OTTAWA — Limas Sweed won’t be kick-starting his pro football career with the expansion Ottawa Redblacks.

Sweed, a member of Texas’ 2005 NCAA championship team who also earned a Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers, was among six players released by Ottawa on Wednesday.

Also let go were receivers Paul De Pass and Eric Rogers, defensive backs Justin Ferrell and Bo Smith and kicker Derek Schiavone.

Smith is a veteran CFL player, having previously been with Hamilton (2008-12) and Winnipeg (2013). Smith also spent time with the NFL’s New York Jets’ in 2010.

Schiavone, 28 of Fort Erie, Ont., signed with Ottawa after playing previously with Edmonton (2008-12) and Montreal (2012-13)

Le Droit includes QB Matt Faulkner in their report. That's a bit of a surprise.

some mini camp casualties i am guessing

For sure, but there had been rumblings that they were really high on him. But for all we know maybe he doesn't think it's for him. Or thinks he can play closer to home, whatever.

Bo Smith being let go is no surprise. Ottawa had to take a look, a DB with CFL experience but he's just not very good in coverage. I think the main reason he keeps getting looks is because he got a NFL look from his first go round with the TiCats. In terms of ability I would have to think that Ottawa could find a younger more eager DB and his release suggests exactly that.

Re: Faulkner, if his release is true then either he really struggled at the minicamp or asked to be released. If he's gone, the RB's QB depth chart reads Burris and Demarco. I exclude Glenn for obvious reasons. If that's the case they'll need to find another 2 and maybe even 3 QBs for camp to fill in the 3rd spot on the depth chart and a potential 4th developmental QB. I think they had Corey Leonard at the minicamp who was in camp with the Lions a year or two ago, so maybe they liked him? I don't see him on the roster yet.

I think leaonard was the guy that Demarco beat out

Correct. The Sun’s Tim Baines had said, during a live blog at that camp, that the team was about to announce the signing of four players, and Leonard was one of them.

As far as the receivers go,I counted 19 on the roster prior to this, so dump a bunch of them isn’t much of a shock.