And the worst team is...

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the 2013 season!
What a train wreck season.

I was in a Winnipeg retail store the morning of the Bombers last home game (and thankfully final game of the 2013 season), and some football fans were actually trying to GIVE AWAY for FREE their tickets to the last home Bomber game, and nobody wanted the tickets. I politely declined the offer for the free tickets, and walked away inwardly smirking...I almost felt sorry for those ticket givers, as they were as sure to fail in their quest as the Bombers were to fail this season.

Really bad timing for the Bomber organization to recently announce an increase in all ticket prices for next season.

But, at least Winnipeg has a nice stadium! (too bad the inflatable field dome for winter has been completely cancelled due to finances).

Back around 1960 the Als were in a terrible state. Sam Etcheverry left the team and, the Als spent a decade as a team not in the running for the playoffs, not to mention the Grey Cup. They went through dozens of QB’s, just as Winnipeg has been doing for the last several years. In 1970 the Als brought Sonny Wade to lead the team and, Wade led the team to a Grey Cup win in 1970 and more to follow. In the period in between 1960 and 1969 the Als recruited far and wide but, were unable to find success at the QB situation. I believe the Winnipeg situation is comparable. Kevin Glen was the last QB to lead the team to a Grey Cup final but, since he left, WPeg was unable to find a QB with greater than average skills. In summary, these two teams were handicapped by inadequate QBs during two lengthy periods of time. This demonstrates the reality that exceptional QBs are hard to find. Both teams, at two different periods, were noncompetitive because of this deficiency. In addition, the management of both teams were unable to provide competing QBing to the respective teams. The Alouettes were managed at the time by Ted Workman who, teamed up with coach Perry Moss and traded away Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson, who were the stars of that winning team in the late fifties. The team management alienated the fan base and attendance at games began to decline but only recovered when Sonny Wade guided the team to a Grey Cup in 1970.
I am not as aware of the WPeg situation but, from what I have read, I know that the coaching and management of the Blue Bombers has been suspect and, the fan base has been irritated by the lack of success on the playing field. Most important. the team has a defect at the QB situation. The Bomber fans, however have remained with the team while the coach/management efforts have not had success. Winnipeg now has a great stadium, the fans support the team and, their situation will improve when the coach/ management duo get their act together while, hopefully, solving the QB issue.

People were offering free tickets in a fan retail store, and no one could find a taker? Ummm... :roll:
Are you CERTAIN that's what you were seeing?

Paid announced attendence was 26,316 reports from the media say there was around 15,000 actual people, I guess that's why so many free tickets where given out. My relatives in Winnipeg got free tickets.

I don't recall posting "in a fan retail store".....nope, I just checked, I typed "a Winnipeg retail store".
And yes, I saw some people attempting to offer tickets for free to passersby, with no takers.

Kevin glen wasn't the last qb to take Winnipeg to the grey cup. Buck was in 2011

Did you win the Grey Cup that year?

I'm a stamps fan so no I didn't win the Grey cup that year. glen did not win the grey cup either. I was just pointing out a mistake in your history lesson.

The Bombers will be the worst team for years to come until the management - ownership changes as it is the worst run team in the league that is why it has not won a Grey Cup in such a long, long time and will never win another under this current management. I am tired of hearing how they are going to fix this or that and become a contender again as I have heard this for over 20 years as a season ticket holder. I have dumped my season tickets as did a number of my friends. We now have a properly run major sports team again in Winnipeg (Jets) which I plan to try and acquire season tickets for along with a couple of other former Bomber season ticket holders. Sorry I can no longer drink the cool aid that the Bombers organization tries to sell it fans and feel sorry for those that believe this team is going to turn around soon. 20 plus years is patient enough. I predict right here and now that the Bombers will be firing their New head coach who ever that is in less than 3 years. They should add that to the sports line betting, Over/under. I would bet on the under.


As a Bomber fan I'm glad we lost that last game. The game meant nothing and I'd rather get the number one pick (barring Ottawa) which might actually help us in our quest to become competitive a bit sooner.