And the winner is....

...Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg for the (re)development of Landsdowne Park

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Never heard of them before. I just copied and pasted from the article. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can copy-paste the picture.

Very sad, they picked the least creative design and remove the only two features that made it interesting. Oh well.

Hfx.. was it the cheapest option they decided to go with? Given how some on Ottawa's city council are, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they did...

The designers claimed their original project would cost $68M. We know that the most inexpensive redevelopment option was $33M, so it's probably one of the more expensive options.

I'm a little disappointed too, I thought design C was the most interesting. Luckily, the commercial area and stadium designers are now going to team up with the winning front lawn designers and hopefully they can produce a pleasing composite of the two plans.

As long as there's a stadium... :lol:

Actually even $68M seems low for a football venue.. if the Riders get a new stadium, the cost is going to be between $360 to $431 million... a small city like the one I live in is building a hockey/curling arena for $63 mill... :?

It's not for a new stadium but a renovation of the existing one. IIRC the price for renovating Mosaic Stadium was supposed to be about $100 and for Canad Inns Stadium about $52 million so use those for comparision, not the cost of a new stadium.

C is my favorite as well.

Why spend all that money on a team that will probably fold after 5 years .

The $68M being talked about here has nothing to do with the stadium or commercial area, which were covered in a seperate design process. The $68M is the designers' pricetag for the parkland surrounding the stadium and commercial development.

Thanks for clarifying that (should have read the article D'OH!) however my point that the stadium is being renovated and is not a new build still stands so comparing that cost to a new stadium to a renovation doesn't work.

If all they care about is being cheap, they can just take the new Empire Stadium once we're done with it.

I promise I won't mock them for a hand-me-down stadium. :stuck_out_tongue:

People said the same thing about Montreal when they came back in the league in 96. Now they've displaced the Eskimos as the league's flagship franchise.

debatable, but yes there is very little doubt that Montreal will be around for many many years to come.

CFL is a great product. With the right setup and ownership you can't fail.

Build and they will come...
Personally I just disregard people who insist that the CFL will fail in Ottawa. In my opinion, there's no evidence to suggest that is the case.

Oilerrocker, you should be embarassed, if you're a true CFL fan you sure don't sound like one!

how can you say something like that?

with good ownership and a brand new stadium, they'll sell out and they'll have a competitive team in a few seasons!

you are a sad excuse for a CFL fan.

If that's true, then how are you two not BFF...?