And the trash talk begins... :-)

Didn't take long for me to reel one in in the Bummer's chat room... :wink:

You mean their 'safe haven?'

Guess it's not all that safe if I invaded it, however briefly... :wink:

The last thing we want is them over here. Maybe stay clear of theirs.

Good advise...

yeah I frown on fans of other teams coming here and trash talking so I certainly wouldn't go there and do it.

Meh. A little more or less friendly pot-stirring never hurt anyone...

Well since I'm a Rider fan I would think you got scolded for trolling more than you reeled one of them in. But I'm no one to moderate so have at it if you want. Just gives the Rider hate more justified ammunition IMO.


probably a good thing as they push for younger demographics

TSN does the entire population a favour tonite - refusing to unleash The Black (Rod) Plague on the population.

Vienna Boyz Choir grad Chris Cuthbert at the throttle w/ Glenn "I Wanna Be Commissioner" Suitor in tow.

Corky's Boys look a bit more focused than the nonchalant bombers - slight problems at QB with nearly 40 Kevin Glenn trying to get 'er done, Brandon Bridge #2 and The Human Obesity Machine (Vince Young) at #3.

Don't like how the bombers sabotaged their own draft and refused to pick up a reliable canuck WR in Vandervoort or Behar - - - - -instead plucking a squat, under-powered & easily gassed lemon named Faith Ekakitie with #1 pick.

Durant looking pretty good now .'d look good playing Ott's wannabes :wink: but yea, he didn't look bad

But, but ,but, the great guru said he's only " moderately successful" :wink: Time will tell but man we looked real impressive tonight.

We sucked… like I have been saying, cheap money, cheap team… only thing I seen that was positive was a D line. On the bright side, if this bad play continues… bye bye jones, you putts!!

There fixed it for ya :wink: yes it was not a good showing and I don't know what was the most disturbing to see.

  1. Penalties, far,far too many, and of the undisciplined nature. Offside way too often on defense and procedure on offense.

  2. Qb protection was an issue that I really was hoping would be far better and yet after last night I have some serious doubts. Yes Blue didn't play but as I mentioned in the off season there is no guarantees that he is going to be healthy all season and the fill in's didn't show they can get it done last night. Dennis had a bad night but I do expect that will not continue all season. Coleman/ King? Neither were great and hard to say but one may be gone. Glenn was not sharp but he had little help from the O line either. Glenn looked rusty and I think he should have played a bit more but perhaps after smacking his hand on Clark's helmet they thought it might be better to not risk it. Bridge was behind the 8 ball because of stupid penalties time and time again. One series two procedures back to back so pretty hard to dig out of that hole. Bridge wasn't terrible but he also didn't move the team much either. Bennett had the one nice drive and I hope he sticks around. Not sure if he can get it done but at least he showed much better ball control then the 1st preseason game. Williams is intriguing and showed some good composure especially for the short time he has been here. He made a great play avoiding the sack and just out of sheer determination muscled a strike while in a defenders grasp only to have the receiver cough it up. Still the kid showed some good poise. I also hope he sticks at least on the PR. Vince I would tell to go home.

  3. Defensive line looks better but got owned on many run plays. Now the linebackers didn't help plug the others either and far too many big gains on the run against them. Tull had a good night off the edge. Our secondary is very suspect but not surprising considering how little time they have worked together. Still a very big question mark as far as making us competitive on defense. I know Jones was "experimenting" a lot with different guys playing different positions in the secondary but how are these guys ever going to gel if they keep this up? Sure you want to find the right guys for the job but it is pretty hard to work together as a unit when your being bounced around all the time. Give guys a chance to familiarize themselves with a position ( remember most are new to the CFL) and then tweak around a bit if you want. All this bouncing around in positions is not helping these new guys gain confidence in my opinion. Still think Bennet should be given a call to help shore things up for now. Ive heard the name of Watkins also mentioned for this reason too.

  4. Special teams were average but punting was not good. Too many short punts giving up at least 15 yards of field position after each series most of the time. BC's punter was out kicking ours by a large margin all night.

Certainly it was a preseason game to try and figure out who stays and who goes but it was a hard night to evaluate talent with a performance like we saw last night.

Oh and I loved how we got to see our RB's in action to access their abilities. What almost to the end of the first half we had 9 yards run offense on something like 2 run plays called? Mac needs to get his arse kicked for the play calling. If we do not establish any run game to help with ball control then our chances of winning in a shoot out is unlikely. Our defense was on the field far too long and BC knew like last year they could pin their ears back and go after the qb because they didn't have to worry about us running the ball. Mac should be flat out told to either run the ball more or he is gone. I know Jones would never do that because he brought Mac with him but something needs to change or we could be in for a long season otherwise.

There fixed it for ya :wink:

No you didn't. It's actually putz.

As for the BC game, I must say the last of our qb's looked very Durant-like when he was fighting through a tackle to successfully complete one of his passes. Big potential there.

Didn't take long for me to reel one in in the Bummer's chat room... ;-)
I echo the karma thing about keeping team areas safe zones. I am a die hard Rider fan as well but we have to accept the fact that its going to be a tough season. I suspect we will do much better in the win column this season but not enough to make the playoffs. I hope I am wrong but I will measure success this year in team effort and finding someone to build on at QB ..... not the win column.

Also for Jones .... they better have him on a short leash this season....... He has no excuses left for not fielding a competitive team