And the streak continues!

Well guys and gals,

That's 8 BIG ONES in a row for our Lions! Once again they take top spot in the West if just for this week. The way Toronto was able to squeak by Calgary on Friday I was concerned we might see a repeat in Regina between the Lions and Rough Riders. Ten field goals between the two teams before the Lions were able to break it open with a couple of TD's. I was on the edge of my seat all afternoon.

What did you all think about that sensational run along the side lines by Harris for the TD? His feet were so close to the sideline on 3 occasions that you probably couldn't slip a sheet of paper between the outside of his foot and the white stripe. Wow!

What a fantastic game!

Well I am not cheering for BC to win it all!! You guys have a great time with a bright future! Geroy is GREAT! Your whole team is looking good, even when you guys don't play your best football a couple key plays win you guys the game! congrats!

Roughride - thanks for your classy well wishes. It was a nailbiter of a game in the first 3.5 quarters! Go Lions! Mr. Automatic kept us in the game with his field goals. And despite all our injuries, others stepped up. BC All the way.

I meant to say I am now cheering! Opps, that was so hard to say my fingers didn't want to say it I guess!

lol....okay, we forgive you! :thup:

Yes, it was great to see the Lions pull it off without Brown and Elimimian. Bruce was stellar once again and I cannot say enough about Lulay and Simon.

I am concerned about Elimimian, Brown and Marsh. It was great to win the game without these guys but I did not know Brown was injured. What happened? Is it serious? And what is Elimimian's status?

Sask played well. We weren’t as sharp, but were good enough to win.
I think the scary thing with this team is even when they aren’t finishing drives, they have huge big play potential. Essentially two big plays decided this game. Arland Bruce and Andrew Harris with a couple big plays and that’s the difference in the game.

That’s what teams have to be most scared about. This is one explosive and dynamic offense.
So we get Hamilton next and they played well today. Interesting to see if we get the “good ticats” or the “bad ticats” next week. With them, it’s always a tossup. Edmonton gets Toronto and Calgary plays Sakatchewan.

Good points geroy_simon_081. I don't know what to think about next week. I know the LIons can take it to Hamilton, especially if Glenn is not on his game. I don't know what to make of the Edmonton/Toronto game. Toronto succeeded in beating Calgary who in some ways are better than Edmonton. If Toronto can beat Calgary they can beat the Esks. Calgary should be able to take it to the Roughriders but then I look at how Calgary played against the Argos but Saskatchewan is pretty banged up. Fantuz is playing injured. Durant has a hairline fractured foot. I think these guys played because the Roughriders still had a shot a playoff position. Now that they are out they may rest these guys. Calgary would love to see Dinwiddie playing along with Fantuz out. We could end up with a 3 way split again next week if Calgary wins and Edmonton and B.C. lose. The Lions of course would still end up on top mathematically but mathematics is only going to really matter in such a scenario after the final CFL regular season game is finished.

The win was good but their performance in Regina won't win them a playoff game...

Not sure what the injury tally is after today. I hope the guys injured can back into it soon.

I don't think any of these guys have season ending injuries. My concern is the offensive line and how Lulay seems to get hit all the time even when they only rush four. It seems like a rarity Lulay can sit in the pocket with time. Even though the boys up front have improved I still feel it's the weakest part of the team especially the interior. :frowning:

Agreed Emptyset. The "boys up front" have been the Lions Achilles heel all season but admittedly they've taken their game up to a much higher level. They must have....the Lions have won 8 straight games! My biggest concern is that will only take one huge guy on the opposition's D line to break through and crush Travis Lulay and turn his lights out. That would be the Lions' season as far as I'm concerned.

Don't forget though Beaglehound that the Lions have Jon Hameister-Ries waiting in the wings should either of the Guards get injured or falter. Jon's now healthy but, due to performance and chemistry, Wally hasn't inserted him into the line-up.

But that's a hell of a back-up plan! He was recognized as the Leos' best O-lineman before he injured his pec muscle (a distinction that now goes to Jovan Olafioye).

CB Marsh took a shot to the head - RB Tim Brown has a rib injury, both players will be re-evaluated and are likely to be day to day. Safety Jason Arakgi injured his ankle; (left the stadium on crutches) can’t put pressure on it and thus the initial prognosis is not good. Wait/see for the x-rays.

That's right Rhymeswithorange. Very good point!

Yikes! I forgot about Jason Arakgi. :frowning:

This is like watching Last Comic Standing. The Grey Cup may be decided on the basis of which team is able to put a complete unit on the field! :lol:

Actually, I've been pretty impressed with our O-line. It's usually been a sore point on the team for the last 5-6 years, but adding Ben Archibald was huge. Olifioye is one of the up and coming young O-linemen and our NIs with Angus, Dean Valli and Jesse Newman have been pretty solid.

This is the best o-line the lions have had in a while.

Agreed. Our QB has time now.