And the Stamps Just Get Stronger

The guy has never played a down of Canadian Football. How do you know he's going to amount to anything?
Other teams are going to add players pretty soon, that doesn't mean they're "getting stronger".

According to Dave Benefield another signing for the Stamps should be announced very soon. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

"With the signing of Mace,the stamps just brought a Nuke to a knife fight. this could get ugly", bringing my welding helmet to the LCD I guess...

Hmm, can't say I hate to see Mace join the Stamps. :smiley: , cya Labinjo

Labinjo couldn't back up ? But whatever the case, he was a key reason why CGY won the Grey Cup in 08 ! The game against BC was a all time performance !

but he's been doing very little these days. at least compared to his past.

Something is up ?????????

well being threatened by your coach with your job isn't exactly making yourself a candidate for Defensive Player of the year...

and now he gets fined to trying to pretend to be a wrestler in the last game!

That GC perf by Labinjo was something but.......... he was invisible before that and now afterwards, I'm chalking that GC day as a fluke really, he was a person of happenstance. Is that a word :smiley:

well said. If every cast-off with great potential was equal to a berth in the championship, we'd have 8 (or 9) teams in it every year.

There's one thing about being favoured, but it's a whole different thing making it happen. Those of us who have watched the league long enough know that to be only too true!

I don’t know if Andre Talbot would agree… :wink: :lol:

The game vs BC was maybe the best ever by a middle linebacker in a playoff game !

You might remember Lawrence Phillips the psythopath who took a job away from Mike Pringle- he went to Calgary before his criminal behavior finally landed him in jail. Your " first draft choice " will be bringing a whole lot of baggage to the Stamps. Despite his talent, he was kicked out of the NFL and this type can bring lots of discord to a team.

Mad Jack- yes, I did mispell psychopath!!

Another undesireable walks through our border. He’s obviously not suspended by the NFL or the Stamps could not have signed him. We just need a way to prevent lawyers from circumventing our immigration and border laws…

If the guy has cleaned up his act,what's the big deal ? The last time I checked you are allowed 2nd chances ! I'm sure if we checked every roster in the CFL , every team probably has a player or two that have legal run in's in their past ! Not like they sprung Ray Caruth from prison !

Everyone deserves a second chance! Except Eric tilman aparrntly(oh come on that was kind of funny). Carrol won't be in the bc game. Bummer. I would like to see what he has got. Interview with huffer he said labinjo Is playing good. Qr77 last night on sports talk. We still don't have mace signed to anything. So he's almost a wild card. But worth the trade. Already booked time off for the stamps grey cup parade. I need anew stamps flag. Mine only shows six chamionships. Need the new one with seven after November. N e ways I'm totally kidding. Just having some fun. As far as the shedual... Well we put the beat down on the riders. And Toronto did beat Montreal. So maybe the stamps are almost for real

In this discussion about "second chances" in Canada seems to be overlooked the very fact that almost all of these guys welcomed with "second chances" have already have too many more down here. :roll:

Something tells me this "second chance" mentality as expressed below for sake of any our imported consistent derelicts and/or repeat criminals down here who happen to also have some talent to play football is far from universal in Canada, or I am off the mark in that regard? :?

I wish some of those dudes in that discussion about "lock 'em up for anything violent and make them work like the rest of us!" would weigh in instead of just what seems to me pansy justice setting up these guys, as like that douche and walking mound of human trash Phillips, for another highly predictable fall.

Give me a break the way these guys are off the field if they did not play football the same folks crying "second chance for all coming to Canada!" would not blink an eye. :roll:

I think Lawrence Phillips is serving life or close to...

31 years is what I read on wiki