And the Stamps Just Get Stronger

The Stamps have recently signed defensive back Ahmad Carroll who was a first round pick in 2004, 24th overall, who just adds to our pass defense and lets us match up better against the riders and just a shoot at the ufl shill, he was on the hartford colonials, but decided to come to the cfl. In 05 he was part of the packers league best pass defense. These were his stast in not too many games because he was waived by the jaguars before for legal trouble, so these stats arent over a long career, 140 tackles (7 for losses),25 passes defensed,4 interceptions,2 fumble recoveries,2 forced fumbles,12 quarterback hurries. He is also very fast as he was state champion for the 100m dash in arkansas. Our team is really coming together i smell a cup that happens to be grey

where does the parade start?

One game shot's especially in the West playoffs ! Anything can happen and usually does ! Ask the 89 and 2001 Eskimo's , the 93 94 Stamp's and the 84 Lion's !

I know that and just liek everyone else i know it is either calgary or saskatchewan going to the grey cup, im sorry if i happen to be confident in my team

In the city of the Grey Cup Champion, thus waiting for the date/time and where.

Be , confident but if BC or EDM squeek in to the playoffs, they would be a very dangerous team ! Have nothing to lose, will be loose and taking all kinds of risks and once in a while things just fall in to place 1 Tack on bad weather , where wind is a factor and a 14-4 record means nothing !

barring major major changes i dont see either of those teams beating both the riders and stamps

Interesting little article here. This guy comes with some baggage on and off the filed. I had heard about him before and his knack for taking ill timed penalties. The link is 2 years old but, can a tiger really change his stripes.

I for one am not breaking out the GC victory champagne just yet. I'm not convinced this is the guy the Stamps need.

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we're not talking about Fantasy football, we're talking about the real thing, your team doesn't count i'm sorry.

Why don't you guy's sign Ryan Leaf?He was a much higher pick than Carroll :lol:

i think huff will work him out of it and lets be honest the nfl has a higher calibre of reciever

I may go with Huff on this one ! I know you have more expierence than Hufnagel and have won more Grey Cups ....but I'm going with gut on this one ! :lol:

Hmm, diff game and field size. The CFL has damn fine receivers that can make anyone look bad, in any league.

That's O.K. cflisthebest, I will be at Commonwealth Stadium for the Grey Cup to cheer on the West team none the less.

yes i know i am definately trying to down the recievers in the cfl because i realise they are damn good im just saying that with some work from huff and chris jones he wont be as inclined to take those penalties because if huff didnt think he could get through to him he wouldnt have signed him

Well if you look at this link you'll know why the Stamps are off to such a great start, Look at the "Strength of Schedule Rank" box and they you will all understand.....

Big deal, he hasn't even played a down in the CFL yet.

...interesting theory, but for it to actually work BC and Edmonton should be league killers...which they are like I said, interesting theory, but that's all....much like the theory that goes "hey, Mrs. RedandWhite, make me a sandwich" and I get a sandwich...

There are many intangibles and just bringing in a player of this caliber does not automatically make the Stamps stronger. First, in order for him to play they have to make a spot for him which means somebody has to sit. How does that effect team chemistry, do you mess with something that has been working? Remember Vince Ferragamo.

Nonetheless he has potential and seems to have worked hard to put his life together. Good for the Stamps for giving him a shot.

exactly i know he cant just come in and it could mess with chemistry but at the very least it gives us depth, the only spot he would get put in i think is halfback, because browner and anderson arent moving, but they should be able to handle any five receiver sets