And the Stamps just get stronger

The Stamps have recently signed defensive back Ahmad Carroll who was a first round pick in 2004, 24th overall, who just adds to our pass defense and lets us match up better against the riders :wink: and just a shoot at the ufl shill, he was on the hartford colonials, but decided to come to the cfl. In 05 he was part of the packers league best pass defense. These were his stast in not too many games because he was waived by the jaguars before for legal trouble, so these stats arent over a long career, 140 tackles (7 for losses),25 passes defensed,4 interceptions,2 fumble recoveries,2 forced fumbles,12 quarterback hurries. He is also very fast as he was state champion for the 100m dash in arkansas. Our team is really coming together i smell a cup that happens to be grey

John Hufnagel along with all coaches in the CFL always believes in; there is always somebody out there to help his/your football club. This years team is a very competitive humble group that are teachable and strive to be on top of their game. Calgary was the first team I cheered for back in the early/mid sixties and yes they have an excellent chance this year to hoist Lord Grey's mug. Don't forget mavdb23, they have Saskatchewan twice in the future at Mosiac field which will have some bearing of what we will see in the West final if both teams shall get there.

all we have to do is win one of those games realistacly, to get the bye and have them come to mcMahon instead

Now with Cory mave signed and possibly the return if Jessie Newman this year can only get better. I would love to see them start more canadians then nessisary, much like the riders and the ALS