And the Oscar goes to

Ok. A little levity here for anybody interested....
Favourite football move.
Hockey movie.
Baseball movie.
Boxing movie.
Other sport movie.
Go nuts....documentaries, cartoons, whatever.

No Air Bud or chimpanzees will be tolerated though.

My picks;
The Longest Yard (original)
Paperback Hero...awesome 70’s Canadian hockey flick
The Natural
When We Were Kings. Ali documentary
Rush. Formula One movie about James Hunt vs Nikki Lauda

Hockey - Slap Shot

Baseball - Field of Dreams

Football - The longest Yard (original )

Boxing - Rocky the first one

Bicycle Racing - Breaking Away

motor Racing - Ford V Ferrari

Olympics - Chariots Of Fire

Documentary - Broad Street Bullies (HBO)

I can always count on you....I left out Slapshot only for variety. Best sports movie of all time. Awesome choice with Breaking Away.

Football : Rudy , Longest Yard (original) , M * A * S * H (technically not a football movie , but the movie ending game is a classic )

Hockey : Slapshot , MR HOCKEY : The Gordie Howe Story ,

Baseball : 61* , Eight Men Out

Boxing : Raging Bull , Rocky 3

Golf : CaddyShack , Tin Cup

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Raging Bull was second on my list. Cinderella Man third.

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Really enjoyed watching Breaking Away it reminds me of that era in so many ways .

Slap Shot always makes me laugh , so many good lines .

I did forget one CaddyShack the best Golf movie ever .

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Can’t think of too many others. Bagger Vance was ok.

boxing - Kid Galahad

Football - Heaven can wait

baseball - baseball bugs

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My vote goes to Andrew Harris for best actor. Not many people can pull off the excuse he gave for his situation with a straight face like he accomplished.

Oscar worthy for sure.

Some great movies on those lists. While not my favorites, here are a few other notable movies

Football - Remember The Titans, The Blindside, Any Given Sunday
Baseball - Bull Durham, Field of Dreams
Hockey - The Deadliest Season ( A made for TV movie I saw way back in the 70s with Michael Moriarty and Meryl Streep of all people - Moriarty’s character gets charged with assault for an on ice incident)
Boxing - Million Dollar Baby, The Fighter
Soccer - Bend It Like Beckham, Kicking and Screaming

Good boxing movie picks.

Favourite football move - Rudy
Hockey movie - Slap Shot
Baseball movie - 42
Boxing movie - Rocky I
Other sport movie - Seabiscuit
documentaries - Senna

Boxing. Rocky, Cinderella Man, Ali
Golf. The Legend of Bagger Vance , Caddyshack
Hockey. Slap shot, The Rocket, Miracle on Ice
Baseball. 42, Eight Men Out, The Natural

Thought of another Canadian classic. “Face Off” from 1971. SCTV did an awesome spoof on that. I think it was called “Billy” John Candy as a goon on the TORONTO BAY LEAVES.

Here you go . A definite Oscar contender . :ice_hockey: :full_moon_with_face:


A classic for sure. Not as good as Pippi Longsocks though.

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HEY EVERYBODY , IT'S TIME TO JUMP THE WEED . :seedling: :grinning:

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My dad’s favourite SCTV skit.