And the new owners are Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern

Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern

Mr Stern just made a bold statement. 2020 will be their Grey Cup year.

Should always be the goal every year

Like him so far

Recognizes the need for investment in facilities … that is huge

Stern saying they have been 3 weeks into the process. They are in it for the long term and there are areas for improvement.

There will be a President and a GM. Has already met with some and have a couple more.
Hopes to have a new President by week’s end.

Hopes to announce President and GM by Friday … but doesn’t promise

Ambrosie mentions that Gary has started taking French lessons … GREAT move

Will listen to the presser when I get a chance.

Sounds like solid people so far. Only 3 weeks into the process? Shows how quick things can move once people become serious. Looks like they gave the Lenkovs a long rope and eventually had to cut it.

Great to hear Als fans. It’s been a long road for you guys and a bright future awaits!

Interesting … other parties the CFL spoke with all needed to find investors to fully fund the ownership group … and groups mixed and matched to try to do so … S&S had no such need … good news IMO

Stern says Argos suck … knows how to play to the fans

He is doing everything wrong, he isn’t slick. He’s brilliant.

I really believe local ownership was needed… don’t like this one bit… but falls in line with how Ambrosie has handled this from day 1. If he’s set this up to have Maciocia involved in any way as he tried for force feed Guzzo, well that would just be icing on the cake.

The only good part of this so far… wasn’t a fan of Boivin, no loss there.

For the rest, we will see… but not optimistic. Andrew W. was good at press conferences too, we know how that ended up.

Commits to a fluently bilingual President … didn’t say Francophone

Gary says he and Spiegel will let the President and his team run the team … will be patient but will hold President-GM-Coach to account … admits they are fans, not football professionals

For. guy who said he isn’t a public speaker Stern has been brilliant (IMO)

Open to a new stadium but not the first priority … would have to make business sense

Great news as others had the team folding by the end of this week.I think we can all thank Bob Young for getting involved as I beleive he felt that the CFL needed a team in Mtl.

What I got out off the presser was as easy as ''Show me the Money ‘’ as it is now obvious that some or all of the other groups interested were lacking in that department after seeing our new owners put this together in a month.

2020 is looking good…