And the new head coach will be. . .

According to the Free Press ( ... 60412.html), the following are the head coaching candidates on the short list:

George Cortez (offensive coordinator in Calgary);

Chris Jones (defensive coordinator in Calgary);

Greg Marshall (defensive coordinator in Hamilton);

Tim Burke (defensive coordinator in Monreal).

At first glance, I think I'd prefer George Cortez. I think we can all agree that the Bombers' defence was pretty solid last season, whereas the offence was abysmal. Such being the case I'd lean to a head coach with an offensive background, and that's only Cortez from that list.

That said, if they hire a qualified offensive coordinator, then the head coach's background becomes less important and would open the door to one of the others listed.

That list is about as good as it gets for available candidates out there right now. May the best man win.

....i know the players are in luv with Marshall....and he'd probably like to return to the Peg....but the Argo gig wouldn't be that bad for him either ...Their d from last year looked like something he could work with....I have a problem with bringing Greg back in that it would probably mean the end of Nelson....who did a great job last year....I'd like Nelson to stay on as d coach and so my preference for head coach would be Cortez.....(funny how you and i think a lot alike least sometimes)...I think he deserves a shot....he has a proven record in cowtown...(not as the head guy) but i watched his offences for a few years now and was impressed...It does take more than offensive prowess to run a team....but i think he has what it takes... AND there is no gurantee that Nelson would be retained if Cortez was hired .... but i think it'could' happen all things considered..I hope he interviews well.... :thup:

And of the 4 named in that article, only 2 of them (Jones and Marshall) were named as potential Argo HCs according to that thread in the CFL Talks section.

I don't really want Marshall back either, papa. I think the players like and respect him but I think what Doug Brown wrote in his column a couple of weeks ago about players choosing a guy they like for coach over a guy who would be the best person for the job needs to be kept in mind there.

Did you notice that in that article MadJack linked to that there was no mention of Barker in the list for VP? I thought I read yesterday that the BoD was going to ask the Stamps for permission to talk to him. I wonder if his not being included on that list means anything.

I was wondering about that too Blue Blood. . . did they just forget to mention Barker or is there something that they've learned that leads them to think he's no longer a candidate?

Papa, I too was very impressed with Nelson's work last year, he's a keeper and the powers that be should do their level best to persuade the new head coach and front office staff that this guy has got to be kept on.

We all know that your previous head coach made a lot of mistakes; but we also all know (well most all of us, some in here seem to think he was evil incarnate incapable of doing anything right, but I digress) that he made some good moves as well. . . and to my mind, bringing in Nelson as DC was one of his best moves, if not THE best.

…in this tumultuous time and in light of losing some key players (hopefully not for long)…continuity is very important…Nelson being retained lends to that…I think the Barker omission could’ve been ‘lax’ reporting…In any event…I’m on the Cortez bandwagon…hopefully he can be convinced of Nelsons abilities…orrrrrr it may scare him off…guess we’ll see… :roll:

What about Bombers current acting OC as head coach? Seems to me like he is a smart guy.

If they were to promote from within, I’d promote either Nelson or Harris before even thinking about Matsakis.

I agree. His name hasn't been mentioned at all. Plus Matsakis was the only guy on the coaching staff who didn't sign a 2 year deal last year.

Forget about Nelson he is Kelly holdover. We don’t hire coach with thoughts of keeping some staff. We need to start fresh with front office and coaches.

Al Pacino

He setup Kelly....

"Vanity, its my favourite sin" :wink:


So, get rid of the only coach who did his job to suit an abstract principle?

I really hope the Bombers don't go this route. Nelson is a good man. There is absolutely no reason to turf him.

Considering that Chris Jones and Greg Marshall and Tim Burke are possible HC for next year. Nelson would be out of work about 120 seconds. He was the bright spot for me on the bombers football personnel last year.

If Marshall ends up as HC of Winnipeg, Nelson might get a call from Obie to take over the Ticat D.

Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that (your first two sentences; I totally agree with the third).

If Burke, Marshall, or Jones were to be hired as head coach. . . they have experience on the defensive side of things. . . does that mean they'd can Nelson? I don't think so. . . as defensive coaches, I'm sure they'd realize as well as we all do that Nelson did a darn good job with the Bombers' D, so I expect they'd keep him on.

....their particular philosophies on defence 'could' collide....but then a coach with any kind of foresight could see Nelson is an asset....This could get very interesting... :roll: :roll:

My opinion?? I'd love to see Higgins involved somewhere somehow and I know it's a long shot to say the least but would Matt Dunigan look good on us as an Offensive Co-ordinator...........better things ahead for heck with the Bomber haters!!

Maybe we should get rid of the players Kelly had a hand in obtaining ,too! Bauer and Kelly are gone, you got your way, but it's still not enough!!! Nelson is a keeper.

I think Dunigan would make a fine offensive coordinator, and he does have a Winnipeg connection. The Bombers could certainly do worse.

Higgins is a possibility I suppose. . . but if it were up to me Mike McCarthy is the first guy I talk to, I think he's woefully underemployed as a scout for Montreal. . . great track record of talent recruiting.

Dunnigan has to much going for himself to leave for a O.C job, it's head coach or management only.
Higgins had no control over his CGY teams and their discipline was a huge problem,Huf is still dealing with it. Who ever they decide to hire, they need to do it soon.