And the MOP winner is...

Lions' Smith runs away with MOP Staff

11/7/2007 9:10:19 PM

It was an All-West showdown for's CFL MOP award and Lions running back Joe Smith came out ahead of Roughriders quarterback Kerry Joseph in voting by CFL fans.

With over 30,000 votes cast, Smith was the runaway winner with 87% of the vote. The second-year man out of Louisiana Tech, who was not named as a finalist for The Rogers CFL Player Awards, captured the rushing title with 1,510 yards. He was also one of the few constants in a Lions' offence that was riddled with injuries. With 18 touchdowns (one short of Mike Pringle's all-time mark) and just two fumbles in 281 carries, the accolades are certainly deserved.

Despite an outstanding campaign, Joseph could only muster 13% of the vote.

And Rider fans get accused of stuffing the ballot box.

There's no way that Lions Fans outnumber Riders fans 4:1 in TSN voting. What you're seeing here is "Riders fans" voting against "everybody else".

I mean lets be honest, when was the last time we saw a MOP group this uninspiring?

Joe Smith should have won the league MVP as well. He is far better than Joseph. I think the league just wants to capture the nation's attention with a feel good story out of the praries. Will be watching for BS calls going the Riders way this weekend.

The only BS I've seen so far is from what you type. I guess the thoery that the Rider nation stuff the ballot box can thrown out the window with that result.

Well if Joe Smith won it this year, then Charles Roberts should have won it at least 5 times in the past.

Exactly right.
Joe Who had a very nice season.
But his numbers leave him only 3rd among starting RBs in yards from scimmage and considerably behind the numbers that Roberts and Davis put up in the last few years.
Pringle use to put up huge rushing totals--in the 1700+ and not get the MOP.
I think in 1989, when Tim McCray was the rushing leader, he had nearly double the combined yards as Smith has this year, but no MOP for him.
Corey Holmes had a monster year two years ago--well over double Smith's numbers and did get the West nomination, but that was not enough to win.
Allan Pitts got over 2000 yards in receiving and didn't even get his teams nomination.
Smith had a terrific year.
And if he had gotten the nomination, I wouldn't be here crying because KJ did not.
Time to get over it folks.

at least he's not whining like Henry Burris.

I didn't think 6 votes would win it! :wink:

I'm surprised there was that many BC Posters.

Well obviously during those other years there were other players that were more deserving of the award. It just happens that this year, Smith beat out everyone else, and there truly weren't that many others who were even close to him in their respective positions.

Actually, I believe Smith beat nobody out?
Because there were more deserving players ( as you say)...

There's only one reason Joseph won the award, and that is that this is the first time in almost two decades that the Riders have gotten a home playoff game.

Burris had more yards and more TDs than Joseph (in fewer games which makes his numbers even more impressive), but the rest of his team couldn't get the job done.

Smith had more rushing TDs, yards, and fewer fumbles than Joseph, but the Leos have been so good the last few years, that it doesn't mean as much to the team as a whole.

If there was an MVP award for the West, I would probably give it to Joseph, because it was due to his scrambling abilities that the Riders won many of their games. But as an MOP award, Joseph doesn't deserve it.

Joseph got it solely as a "feel good" award for the Riders earning a playoff berth.

It's true that Burris has more passing TD's than Joseph... but what about KJ's 13 rushing TD's? And course Smith has more rushing yards, he's a running back! Joseph is a QB. But he rushed for more yards than all the other QB's, and scored more TD's. He was more consistent and led his team to a winning season and a playoff home game.

I laughed when I saw that poll. Im not surprised that people voted Joe Smith over Joseph, I’m surprised at how the vote is not even close.

It seems to me everyone hates the Riders this year because for once they are a very good team.

Just imagine how much everyone would hate us if the 3 goofs on BC’s O-line played nice? We’d get all the hate!

I don't think it is hate either. It's just that Riders fans get all high and mighty about their team and they call it pride but any one else does that with their team, it's cocky and arrogant.

All I know is that when RLR and some of the other Lions fans start talking about how good the Lions are and have the stats and record to back it up, Riders fans gang up on them. It's no different than me having to read Turkey's bias posts. I just take it for what it's worth.

Maybe this is the reason why Riders fans are criticized so much. As everyone knows, there are the good posters and bad ones but lately there have been so many pissing matches on here that I almost can't be bothered to post. I wish we could just talk football and when I find a post that is worth while, a pissing match starts.

I have nothing against any teams fans but it seems to be a Lions vs Riders fans battle on this site on every thread. Opinions are opinions and everyone's got one.