And the merry-go-round continues

REGINA — Two lawyers and a judge met privately at Regina Provincial Court on Thursday for a lengthy meeting about Eric Tillman's sexual assault allegation.

Neither Crown prosecutor Bill Burge or defence lawyer Aaron Fox would discuss the meeting with reporters waiting outside the private case management conference.

If there were any major developments during the discussion, they may become public on Friday morning, when Tillman has an appearance slated in open court.

He does not have to be present in person to face the charge, and has had a lawyer appear on his behalf for all of his previous court appearances.

The Crown is proceeding summarily, which is the less serious way of approaching a charge.

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Most likely outcome? A trial date set for the fall....l

I get the feeling that the longer this drags out, the more it appears that Tillman will be convicted… the girl would have recanted by now or ask the charges be dropped if it appeared that ET was going to win this case. I would not be surprised at all for him to be found guilty.

The girl will not recant or else she will be charged with "public mischief" for making a false report. That is a very serious charge with consequences that will stay with her till she is legally an adult. Also, in Canada, we may ask to have charges dropped, but unlike the USA, our wishes mean nothing to the crown. It is the crown that determines whether someone is charged and the alleged victim looses all control of the situation once it becomes a crown issue. We watch too much TV out of the USA where the victim will ask to have charges dropped, but that does not happen in Canada. The crown may consider dropping the charges if the alleged victim requests it but they generally will not, especially if they think they will have a convinction.

The delays are normal but frustrating. For more serious crimes, it can be over two years before the case finally goes to trial. That is the way the system works and the reason for most of the delays is to ensure that everything is done right. The system hates "mistrials."

Trial is now finally set for next January. The timetable on this is typical. The only question is, can ET do his job in his bath robe and slippers until next Jan? It seems to me he has some obligations that cannot be fulfilled from home....

We have closed the discussion topic regarding Mr.Tillman while it is in the hands of the authorities. We hope you understand the need to be respectful of the legal process.

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