And the Lions keep rolling!

Well guys and gals,

That's EIGHT BIG ONES in a row for the Lions! Once again they take top spot in the West if just for this week. The way Toronto was able to squeak by Calgary on Friday I was concerned we might see a repeat in Regina between the Lions and Rough Riders. Ten field goals between the two teams before the Lions were able to break it open with a couple of TD's. I was on the edge of my seat all afternoon.

What did you all think about that sensational run along the side lines by Harris for the TD? His feet were so close to the sideline on 3 occasions that you probably couldn't slip a sheet of paper between the outside of his foot and the white stripe. Wow!

What a fantastic game!

Lions are the team to beat. Period.

we aren't Ottawa. it's spelled Roughriders.....

Thanks for mentioning that. lol
I’m chuckling because I always used to spell it Roughriders and some Rider fan “corrected” me and said it was Rough Riders so I changed it. I should have checked but what the hey…he said he was from Regina. I figured he knew! lol

Someone just a widdlebit sad and testy????? lol

That's what happens when you can count the number of wins your team has with 1 hand when the season is nearing its end.

Great comeback story by the Lions.

At the moment, I would call them favs to win the Cup...But in the CFL anything can happen.....and usually does!

Agreed. I thought that about BC in 2007, until I saw the guys more interested in who was growing the best moustache just before the WF at home. The best team record never meant crap when they didn't even show up to the second most important game.

BC seems more focused this year than in 2007, so I hope this is the year with the GC in BC. We will see.

Har Har Har ....

I have long since accepted that the Riders would miss. But the Lions have a lot to do still.

Just remember, the playoffs are a whole new ball game! Anything can happen. Lions only need to lose once, even if that's in the playoffs.

Chances are they'll finish first but we know how often the first place team in the west doesn't win.

Yeah the Lions are pretty solid.

I remember a couple seasons ago, the Lions had the worst O-line in the league. Wally kept saying, have patience, you can't expect a bunch of young guys to know everything right away. I'm not sure if this is the same O-line, but it's definately a rock solid team.

McCallum sure is awesome. Will probably go down as the best all-time kicker/punter, IMO.

Miller blacked out on Rob Vanstone, check out the article here: ... story.html

Sorry, I'm all over the place. Did someone call us testy? There's no room for language like that!

"Chances are they'll finish first but we know how often the first place team in the west doesn't win." by cflisthebest

I was intrigued by your comment so I did some research. Going back to 1960 the team that finished up in 1st place in either the East or the West won the Grey Cup 72% of the time. Half of these Grey Championships were won by teams from the west. Going back to 1960 covers the past 50 years of the CFL. It would be interesting to see see how that percentage is affected if we go back even further.

I was surprised by the stats but given the stat of 72% I'd say that the Lions have a pretty good chance of winning the Grey Cup.

…you guys are also ornery

Every week, someone predicts BC will lose. Instead BC continues to win. Predicting the future is hard. Safer to not ignore a trend and wait until it ends before betting against BC.

Totally agreed. With the way things are now, the Lions could end up in third or first. They won't go the rest of the season without losing. Even then, as you said, the playoffs are a whole new season. I can't wait! :smiley:

if you go back to the 80's and 90's.. there was this trend where it seemed like the Western Final host was losing the game quite a bit.

it was almost a curse to be first.

ok since the League went to 8 teams the first time in 1987

the Western Final Host Lost the game 5 times straight, then Calgary won, then the Home team lost 2 more. then when the league went back to 9 teams in 1996 the home team lost 2 more again. then in 1998 Calgary won again.. then the Home team lost 3 straight!

so from 1987 to 2001 (except 95 which was Northern) the Home Team had a record of 2 Wins 12 Losses.

so I'd call that a curse! :lol:

rollin rollin rollin
keep those lions rollin

oh from 1987 to 2010

the overall record for the Western Final Home team is 7 wins 16 Losses.

not too good since they went to 8 teams and the bye.

I’ll take a 50 year sampling over 24 years any day. If you really want to prove the point that the 1st place team in the West “often” doesn’t win the Grey Cup I’m all for giving you the credit and admitting I’m wrong but the only way you would be correct is to go back to when the 1st Grey Cup game was played West vs East and then go from there. I’ve saved you half of the work. You only have to go pre 1960.

It would be an interesting exercise. I just don’t have the time right now.

Thanks FYB. Now I can't shake that song out of my head! :thdn:

ya but the reason I start from 87 is that's when they changed because of the Als folding. and the current format didn't change after that.

before those years the format was different for playoffs.