i read in the leaderpost afew weeks back that tillman is not going to pursue any veteran running backs to replace keith.

What is wrong with Bracey. Every running back has to be young at one point in their career. I remember being at the first game when this kid with two first names ran wild. No one had heard of Keith before then. I think we will be just fine and I really do not want ANY of the running backs on the Edmonton roster right now.

Look at the young Runningbacks to come up over the last few years. Joe Smith, Joffery Reynolds just to name a couple. You just have to find the ones that the NFL ignore, that are suitable for the CFL style of game.

Your two choices are some one fresh from college, or a cut from the Eskimos.

Troy Davis would look good wearing his bro's #8! Rather, I'd have Darrin back!

I say we go with Bracey and Dorsey! None of the Eskimos running backs in training camp are any good (at least not anymore). I think Bracey will be fine for the running game.

i like bracey to start but i just don't feel confident in our depth at this position with too many young players.

i would not mind if tillman brought in a veteran rb with some speed and used him and bracey as a 1,2 punch.

bracey showed he can do well with the riders last year, but i haven't seen enough on him yet. and if he gets injured...

i just hope tillman finds some good guys, free agents or rookies it doesn't really matter to me!

Bracey and Dorsey to start, and hope like hell that KK comes back!

jman, I agree 100%

Why did you leave the best back in the league out??? Charles "Blink" Roberts is #1 and even you regina fools know that!!!

Last time i checked, Sportsmen isnt exactly the definition of a Rider fan... He prefers these cats from BC... I dunno why...

Yeah I agree 100% And you cant forget about keith either....But For The Topic I Think THey Should Stick With The 2 they already have and bring in ranek ( if he gets cut)but NOT troydavis or warren

I would like to see them bring in another back from somewhere, preferably from US college, just to give Bracey and Dorsey the incentive to at least be in shape for training camp. Guaranteed jobs in pro-sports prior to training camp is not a good thing in my opinion which it would be with only Bracey and Dorsey in camp.

I have a personal favorite in Josh Ranek, but whether or not he can still do the job is nothing I know about.

I think he can going to hamilton makes everybody look bad

We should stick with Bracey and Dorsey. Last year, Bracey looked good when he was called upon and now he can have a chance to develop into a better runner if he and Dorsey are the featured backs. Judging by all the good receivers we have now and the fact that Kent Austin is our coach indicates that we might be more of a passing team this year, so we won't be running as much as we used to anyways. I say we stick with these young guys and see if they can handle the workload. If they are unable to, aquiring a veteran back may be another possible solution (likely from edmonton).

i'll throw this out there.....Ron McClendon

i hope that KK comes back but McClendon did well in that final game last year, with edm having warren, davis, and ranek he probably will be let go, i don't want warren or davis and i think getting ranek is doubtful, so bring in mcclendon and then hopefully keith comes back and mcclendon can be a very good backup for keith

i don't really think dorsey is that good, and bracey is all right but i don't know, he would be okay, but i'd prefer we didn't use a power running game that he possesses,


The ting about the Colts are that they already have 2 great RBs in Joseph Adiah and Jeremy Rhodes, Keith shouyld come back to Saskatchewan. I'm not hoping his dreams are shattered though but in all seriousness if we want to do something other than go 9-9 again!!!! this year we have to complete the puzzle and so far realy the only thing we need is a RB and Keith is our guy and one of the best in the league, but it would be nice to see Dorsey get a shot, mostly because the Kick/Punt return jjob shoul;d go to our new Receiver D.J. Flick. But the point is we need Keith and our team is complete. With the exeption of our Corner Backs with whom we only have 1 good one in Eddie Davis....sadly....our only Davis :frowning:

Dudes name is Dominic Rhodes, secondly, DOminic Rhodes is gonna leave the Colts via free aganecy i think…

Well since Joseph Adiah is a second year player do u think KK still has a chance???

Not as a starter no, not even close… possibly the 3rd back on the depth chart. Or maybe he will be on special teams…

Addai rushed for 1,000 yards in the NFL as a rookie. I don't think think KK will be unseating him from the starting position anytime soon. He still could make it as a back-up or on the practice roster and might get a chance if there were injuries on the Colts. He's got certainly has got skill, so it will be interesting to see how he does in training camp.

It wouldn't be too bad if he got cut, however. That means we would see him return to the green and white again, and our offense would be stacked.8)

Either way, good luck KK.