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The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that Michael Clemons, Tom Higgins and Danny Maciocia have been selected as finalists for the 2005 Coach of the Year award. Also announced today, CFL MOP Damon Allen and his brother, NFL Hall-of-Famer Marcus Allen will be the keynote speakers at the 2005 Coach of the Year Luncheon, in celebration of this year’s outstanding CFL head coaches and in support of ‘Stop the Violence’ – The Argos Foundation.

Selected by 51 voting members of the Football Reporters of Canada, the CFL Coach of the Year award recognizes the commitment and efforts of head coaches across the League, with special honours going to a coach who most demonstrates exceptional leadership, discipline and dedication to excellence. The winner of the award, the Annis Stukus Trophy, will be announced during the luncheon in Toronto on February 23rd, 2006.

The Allen brothers will be joined by their father, Harold Allen Sr., at the luncheon to address the important role that leadership and mentorship play in the lives of today’s youth. Their father helped mold them into the people they are today, much like CFL coaches help shape the players on their teams. Leadership and mentorship are also an integral part of ‘Stop the Violence’ – The Argos Foundation, an initiative launched by the Toronto Argonauts in August 2005 aimed at addressing issues of violent and gun-related crimes through increased awareness. Working with community and business leaders, Stop the Violence, continues to raise funds to support existing community programs and new initiatives in this ongoing effort.

On the 2005 Coach of the Year Finalists (listed in alphabetical order):

In 2005, Michael 'Pinball' Clemons led the Toronto Argonauts to an 11-7 record, their first Division title since 1997 and their fourth-straight playoff appearance. Under his leadership, veteran quarterback Damon Allen was honoured as the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player. This is Clemons' fourth Coach of the Year Finalist nomination in as many years.

In his first season as head coach of the Calgary Stampeders, Tom Higgins guided the Stamps to a dramatic improvement from the 2004 season when they finished 4-14. In 2005, Calgary finished the campaign with an 11-7 record, second in the West Division. Higgins led the Stampeders to their first home playoff game since 2001 and their first winning record since 2000.

In his first year as a head coach, Danny Maciocia led the Edmonton Eskimos to an 11-7 record. Success continued in the post-season as the Esks defeated both the Stamps and Lions on the road. Maciocia’s first season as head coach was captivated by a double OT 38-35 Grey Cup triumph over the Montreal Alouettes, marking the sixth time a rookie head coach has won the Grey Cup since 1950. Maciocia became the first Quebec-born head coach to win the CFL’s championship.

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Higgins. From F-troop to the playoffs.

Machocia as Dancing queen of honour, oops I mead Maid of honour, oops I mean runner up.

Higgens like you said F-troop tp playoffs
Machocia Gey Cup victory in rookie year
Its between these 2 but I give the edge to Machocia

machocia had a playoff team when he took over...and only improved them by 2 wins.

higgins took over a non-playoff team. coached them to 7 more wins than the year b4.

higgins HANDS DOWN

I voted higgins

Higgins, 100% he changed the face of the Stampeders and did a great job.

Why was Daley not listed? I am bumbered out!


if not Clemons


Y do you think heshould be on there???

Absolutely! He took a 5-13 team and made it into a oh 5-13 but in a rebuilding year!

Danny Marciocia without a doubt the way he coached in the grey coupe alone, he deserves it.

you guys are crazy, and that saya alot coming from me.

Takes one to know one! :wink:

Higgins without a doubt. He took a last place team that had so many problems to a second place finish and a home playoff game.

O come on its true from 5-13 to 5-13 thats totally a top coach. Tom Higgins did the most work and had the best progress with the Stamps.

I think it should be Paopao. I mean who else wears Hawaiian shirts on his last day, and get fined for it too(I know it was waved, but he didn't know it would be) , just to say SEE YA LATER LONNIE> I am going to a real team now!

it has to be higgins like people have been saying he took a last place team and turned them around and gave Calgary a home playoff game and unlike in edmonton where they had two proven QB's Calgary had one and he got hert and Tom was still able to win with his first year second and third string QB's in there.

Higgins for SURE

Yes, hard not to see that Higgins just might be the most deserving this year.