...and the cats are twitching a little more...

''''losing a close one to the stumps....they actually looked better than the so called Cup champs........Gawd i'm looking forward to this showdown.....in the hammer and the Peg.....Time to turn up the heat... :thup: :rockin:GoBigBlue...

Did you realize that the Bombers and Als were the only two teams to score more than 20 points this weekend.

The Stamps offense sure is struggling right now. If seems like if they didn't have Reynolds they wouldn't have had any offense these past three weeks and yet they are 2-1 with the offense struggling like that.

I'm looking forward to the game on Thanksgiving day. It should be a good one.

I am really looking forward to the TiCat game also! Just hope some how that Kevin Glen does not get it in his head to make a statement about being cut by his old team. Lets hope that Hamilton coach is not smart enough to put Glen in, because he might feed off being cut.

God willing Bombers will be tied for second place on Thanksgiving day, say early evening :thup: Then Ticats can worry about the Sask Yahoo`s crossing over :rockin:

Last night's game was great, should be a good matchup at IWS. Looking forward to it :smiley: