And the Calgary Sun says.....

Call it the 'Cats me-yuck! Someone better check what's in the Kool-Aid in Steeltown before they sign, say, Matt Millen


Tough to feel sorry for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats given how often they remind us they're one of the worst-run franchises in pro sports these days.

Just when you thought it was impossible to top the stupidity that saw management make the ever-selfish and attitudinally-challenged Casey Printers the league's highest-paid quarterback, the team went and blew a bundle on running back Kenton Keith.

Yes, the team with two good running backs, including an oh-so-rare Canadian rushing stud in Jesse Lumsden, just blew the bank beefing up in one of the only positions they didn't need to.

And they did it at the risk of insulting and overshadowing their most marketable asset -- Lumsden.

And more on that article says.....

The latest head-scratcher comes just after linebacker Zeke Moreno became the latest in a series of solid defensive players who've been cast off only to shine elsewhere.

Tough to find reasons to support a team that clearly has no idea what direction it's headed from week to week. Don't be surprised if their next dumb move is to hire Matt Millen.

8) Have you got a link to that article from the Calgary Sun ?????

The Koolaid brigade isn't going to like this :slight_smile:

These people know nothing, it should be what's in our Lakeport!

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