And the bonehead play of the week is ...

Nik Lewis, vs Argos. He catches a pass and slams into the Argo five yard line. Right after the play he decides to start shooting his mouth off to the Argo players. He gets flagged for a penalty. Was it 10 or 15 yards. Stamps end up with a field goal instead of a touchdown attempt from 1st and goal from the five.

Your right, but he was giving it to Isacc, who clearly took a cheap shot on Cornish.

This isn't hockey, you have to control your mouth and let your play on the field speak. Dumb by a veteran.

Considering Cornish had just taken an OC penalty. Cornish should be careful. Huf is a patient guy but when he's had enough...

It was a boneheaded play. The officials were actually going to let it slide, Lewis was beaking Isaac pretty bad, but it's even after all that when he tried to get right up in his face that he was flagged. The refs showed some leniency for the first part of it.

Don't think Jones didn't know how to get under Cornish's skin... Cornish and Lewis got suckered real good.