and the beat goes on...

9.5 hrs until game time, and here I am still wide awake, in spite of taking 2 prescription sleeping pills 3.5 hrs ago and 4 other meds that are supposed to make you sleepy, about 7 hrs ago.

Saddest thing is, once I do go to sleep, my meds usually keep me sleeping for at least 11 hrs, sigh


so anyhow, there is just little ole me and 17 guests here. Guess I pretty much got the place to myself.

yeah, you got that right numbnuts. finally you are the smartest person posting.

hey..who you calling numbnuts you bird brain. AT least I am smarter than you

am not

am too

at least my teams are going to beat your teams tomorrow

will not

will too

in the NFL maybe, but that's just dessert, not the main course

you don’t watch out, I will give you your just desserts, ya big goof

You and whose army butterball

who you callin a turkey

a person who cheers for the wrong teams and bends over barfing every time they lose

ahh go to bed ya hoser

might as well since I am finished putting you in your place

yeah, right, I totally owned you

I'm outta here

run ya quitter. Don't slam the door on yer way out.

S.L.A.M ! ! ! !

I asked him not to do that. If I didn't know better, I would think I had been arguing with my daughter. When she was 10