And the answer is ... Dalton Bell?


If Dalton Bell is the answer, what was the question?

If the question was “who will be Toronto’s #2 QB this season”, he just might be the answer. If the question was “who will be Toronto’s #1 QB this season”, I’m not sure Bell will be the answer. Pierce was just released by BC, I wonder if he is on his way to Toronto as we speak. . . and i wonder if Cohon will have to look at that.

No trade made, but if BC releases someone that Toronto then picks up, might there be a bit of ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ going on between the two teams that are owned by the same person?

That is a good point Madjack. Is it called tampering, collusion, doctoring of rosters, a conflict of interest...
mmm what is the right set of words? Braley appears to be the saviour of the league but we need some credibility too.

Argos still need help at QB, and now that big bad Bart is gone I'm hoping Joseph will get the bulk of the workload at pivot.
But I still think they should throw the dice on Bucky. He would probably be a nice fit as a backup but still has enough fire to push for the starting job. Some healthy competition is not a bad thing at all.

no tampering …Pierce was shopped but no takers.
but Bell is a good pickup…not saying hes gonna be the starter but he can play and the league has been full of anonymous guys stepping up after a couple of years buried on another’s depth chart.

I like Pierce but you cannot count on him lasting for long if he does end up in Toronto. History tells us something. I think you’ll see Toronto making a play, a hard play for MacPherson as many have suggested.

Joseph was released by the Argos 3 weeks ago.

Anyone who thinks the Lions & Argos are going to have "shady dealings" must think the CFL is bush league, which it is not...

2 questions: Why couldn't the Argos re-sign joseph? They released Younger and he's back in Double Blue.
Secondly, How can it be collusion if Pierce after being released comes to Toronto? He's a free agent and can go whever he wants, as long as a team is willing to sign him. If the Lions traded him to the Argos for pretty much nothing, then I could see a possible collusion discussion. Once he's released, he's free to work out his own destination.

Argos just signed Hamdan from the NFL

wow, TO's offence is really starting to come together

and their defence is already pretty good

this could be the turning point

:lol: Now that's being positive.

lol yet u come to the bomber part of and crap on the team..

is it hamdan or tj rubley? remember that guy...

I've tried to forget. . . thanks so much for reminding me

You & I must have been watching different QB's named Joseph... Once in Toronto it was all down hill for that guy. Now maybe it wasn't all his fault, but after what I saw from him the last two years I say good riddance.

SatanTroll: You’re assuming too much about my question on re-signing Joseph. I was addressing the comment about releasing him 3 weeks before.
There is no way I actually advocate this unless there is ABSOLUTELY no one else. You’re right…he’s brutal.

Yes, I think we can all agree that he's well beyond his 'best before' date. I'll be surprised if he lands anywhere in the CFL this season, I suspect that this is all she wrote for his career in this league.

I fully suspect he will be landing somewhere shortly

Any guess as to where?

Personally, I don't see it, can't see a team in the league that would have room or be interested. . . but stranger things have happened.

Let go of joseph, the guy will never play a game again,unless some team wants to finish last. Time to move on and thius signing of the Hamdan is a great thing, I think he will one of the very few ex NFL'er to make it, and I am a ticatfan.

My bad.

No problem, Troll. I can see where you might have thought I wanted to bring him back. I haven't liked him as a QB since I saw him screaming at one of his receivers on the sideline when he played for Ottawa. I can't remember what the details of the play, but I remember thinking that it looked like a "how can you make me look bad" kind of thing.