And the 2008 Grey Cup is awarded to..........

i am all for a solid ottawa ownership situation and they can have a cup game there shortly after starting up again… i would think the second or third season into the league would be best but i will leave that for greater minds than mine for now.

Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, and Saskatchewan better get awarded a grey cup game before Ottawa does again.

OR WHAT? :mrgreen:
Who is to say they will even apply to hold the Grey Cup!
In the Olympics we always hear who wants to hold them, we never do for the Grey Cup.

Wonderfull news for Montreal.
I believe the standard league fee has been $3M for the last several years. With teams now making profit in the range of $3M-$4M(Ottawa did), it is time that HQ increased its rate to maybe $4M.
With the capacity of Olympic stadium and renovations to McGill, it stands to reason how the Als may stand to make $5M+ on the Grey Cup alone. Together with the regular season and potential East Final or Semi, can you say a profit of double digits for the Als, being $10M+. After all the Als have the highest corporate sponsorship at nearly $9M. And who said that a CFL team is not profitable.
The Esks and the Als(despite the current size of McGill) are the blue print.

Here is the answer in the latest article from CP, with the Als paying $3.5M for the rights to the GC.
With the possibility of selling 70,000 seats, maybe my earlier estimate of $5M profit from the GC is on the low side.

Alouettes hope to set attendance record


MONTREAL (CP) - The Montreal Alouettes are aiming for an attendance record of about 70,000 when they play host to the Grey Cup game in 2008.

"I'm not so sure we're confident, but we'll do our best to try," Bob Wetenhall, owner of the CFL club, said Friday after it was announced that the 2008 championship game would he held at Olympic Stadium.

"We're setting up to bring in the largest crowd in the history of the Grey Cup and we'll do our best to do that."

The three largest crowds in Grey Cup history were in Montreal, including a record 68,318 for Montreal's 41-6 win over Edmonton in 1977 and 65,255 the last time the game was at the Big O in 2001, when Calgary beat Winnipeg 27-19. They had 65,113 in 1979 for Montreal's 17-9 loss to the Eskimos.

"There isn't a more deserving city than Montreal," said commissioner Tom Wright. "In 2001, they set a new standard for what Grey Cup celebrations are all about.

"It's one of the best run and best owned franchises in the league."

The stadium normally holds 53,000 for football, but team president Larry Smith said temporary seating will be added to boost capacity to about 70,000.

Wetenhall, who put up $3.5 million to secure rights to the game, is betting that a disappointing turnout for the East Division semifinal last fall was an aberration.

Only 31,199 turned out for Montreal's win over Saskatchewan. Many had lost faith in the team when 51,279 watched a 49-23 pasting by the Toronto Argonauts in their final regular season game three weeks earlier.

"We were surprised by that," said Wetenhall. "We didn't play up to our level and I think that had an effect on that gate."

Smith was not surprised, knowing the Montreal fans can tune out a losing team in a hurry.

"If you play the Toronto Argonauts at the Big O and have 52,000 people and get your butt kicked, I guarantee you'll get 32,000 the next game," he said. "It's payback.

"In Montreal, you have to win. It's the beauty of being Quebecois. It's that emotional reaction."

As they did in 2001, the Alouettes are banking on selling most of the Grey Cup tickets well in advance.

The 2001 game was bittersweet for the Alouettes.

On one hand, the domed stadium was packed with raucous fans and the team's innovative downtown Grey Cup village, since copied by every host city, was a huge success.

On the other, the Alouettes weren't in the game following the worst regular season since they returned to Montreal after a nine-year hiatus in 1996.

After starting the season 9-2, the Alouettes collapsed, ending the regular season at 9-9 and bowing out in the first round of playoffs.

Some said the weight of expectation was too much, but Smith pinned it on injuries and a disastrous year for head coach Rod Rust.

"If truth be told, we made a bit of a critical error in putting Rod Rust in a situation with a veteran team and the veterans didn't respond," said Smith. "That was a management error and I take responsibility for that.

"But our team fell apart. (Quarterback Anthony) Calvillo got hurt, (Running back Mike) Pringle got hurt and our guys didn't perform.

"I was vocal about my dissatisfaction with their performance and some players talked to me about criticizing them publicly, but you know what? If you want to play sport in Montreal, you've got to win. We're not here to lose."

The collapse moved Smith and general manager Jim Popp to hire Don Matthews, the winningest head coach in CFL history, during Grey Cup week, a move that was widely panned for drawing attention away from the game.

Matthews led the Alouettes to a Grey Cup victory over the Eskimos in Edmonton a year later.

"I was in Montreal the entire week and they were hiding me," Matthews recalled. "I was going from hotel to hotel because they wanted to make the announcement and didn't want it out.

"So I didn't get to enjoy the festivities. I watched the game. But I guess the result of that season was my being here, so I'm delighted."

Running back Eric Lapointe, who doubts he'll still be playing in 2008, said that in 2001 "we didn't really have such a great team, in my opinion.

"In 2008, we can seriously hope to be there because every year we can do it. Will we? I don't know, because it's tough to get there."

Veteran centre Bryan Chiu said a dream scenario would see him win the Cup at home in 2008 and then retire.

The Alouettes have sold out their usual home field, 20,202-seat Percival Molson Stadium, for 62 consecutive games but say they cannot make a profit in such a small venue.

In recent years, they have moved to Olympic Stadium for their final regular season game and any playoff games to try to break even.

Plans are afoot to expand the stadium to 25,000 seats for the 2007 season.

The 2006 Grey Cup game will be in Winnipeg and the 2007 game is set for Toronto.

Everyone is saying that Hamilton is due to host the GC again, and I agree. However, the league might be a little gun shy after the '96 "Showdown in Steeltown". Ticket sales rivalled those of the '98 game in Winnipeg, they were that bad. Heck, I remember hearing a report where they were trying to unload the then $100 end zone tickets "2-for-1".

One may argue that the Ti-Cat fans were unloading their ducats hand over fist since their hated rivals from up the QEW were going to be playing the Eskimos, but even with the Argos in what went on to be one of the greatest GC's ever played (high scoring, even with the apparent blizzard that occurred during the game), the gate was lackluster.

Hopefully, with the resurgance of the league, Hamilton might be able to pull off a better game sales & festival.

I sure Hope so to, With the way the CFL is going, all cities will prosper holding the Big event. Montreal is a great choice for the 08 Grey cup and I will attend this great event. Looking forward to visiting Montreal....after the 06 Cup in the Peg, I will be drawing up the plans of assault, on Fort ready, cause the Bombers are a comming..full speed n full out...Go Bombers.

I would place my money on Calgary getting the '09 cup. And hamilton the year after if they make some minor renovations to ivor wynne, so that it looks more respectable.

Hamilton fans have shown recently, though, that they support the CFL ... I'm sure we'd see great attendance for the Grey Cup in Hamilton, considering how well they turn out for the Ti-Cats. So to me, that's not a problem ... what Smith said in the article about Montreal worries me though, because he's right when he says Montreal fans will only accept winning ... I'm worried about what will happen to the Als if they have a few bad seasons. But I shouldn't worry about that now! The Als are doing great now and they do deserve to host the game.

I would be happy for Ottawa to host the game instead of Calgary if it meant that the Renegades were back and on strong footing.

The Grey Cup should be offered to cities like Hamilton on condition the local government spends some money on stadium upgrades. The Grey Cup draws in thousands of visitors generating millions of dollars for the local economy and local government. It is only right that some of that money ends up improving the facilities that allow the game to be hosted in the first place.

Im not sure I agree with that. I was never a big fan of governments spending tax dollars on sports

It's money that governments wouldn't have if not for the game in the first place, so I can't see any reason why some of that money can't go to improving the facilities the game needs to exist in the first place.

Happy beyond words, my friend

might even go!

this will be the last GC the stadium has, IMO, and I go on and on about the Big O, so why not?

too bad that Calgary or Edmonton didn't get it, but there is always 2009.

It is a well known fact how the Grey Cup generates millions of dollars for the hosting city and is the only sport in Canada which creates a truly unifying force from east to west.
If our hard earned tax dollars cannot be spent for this, then there is no worthy cause.
And we wont even discuss the billions of dollars stolen away by various levels of government to include Ottawa as the biggest bandit.

Yes the cup does generate millions for the city but so does hockey baseball and basketball. I am just not crasy about the idea of the Gov giving away more of our money to rich owners

While some CFL owners might benefit from stadium improvements, the ones who will gain the most are the fans and it is their money anyway.

I hope that Montreal has enough to build a new stadium, or at least pump Molson up to 30,000 min or 45,000 max.

How would you guys feel if I did come up up and see the GC in the Big O? I think it's too late for the Winnipeg GC (I hope that's close to selling out), and I'd rather see a regular season game at Winnipeg Stadium and see the GX on TV.

but what do ya say? how the tickets in the nose bleed section will be cheap.

Tickets never cheap at the big O

which tickets are the cheapest at the Big Owe?