and that...

is why the Rider Brass pulled the trigger and fired!

AMEN! :slight_smile:

all those doubters now will be praising the move.

I know it is only 1 win, and labour day games are unpredictable, but that is th most complete game I have seen them play this year, and honestly probably one of the best 4 they have played in a couple seasons. Yes, they made some errors, but this is 1 week (well, one bye, one week of practice) under Miller. That is impressive.

I called for DB and GM heads to roll 8 weeks ago! I knew Getz was just looking b4 catching, he's back! If we beat bombers next week, look out grey cup might be painting it green this yr yet:)

Agree. It will have to be hard for anyone - bandwagon jumper Rider fans and other teams - to not notice that they may very well be a force again ... and we're talking this season.

Someone can criticize management for hiring Marshall in the first place but the same person has to admit that the same management admitted their mistake and top steps to correct the error. Isn't that what we are always told: to make a mistake is not a problem, but to not learn from it is ? They learned from it.

one small step for the Riders, one giant leap for Ridernation :smiley:

I tell you all, I was impressed! And those of you who read my few posts will know how critical I've been on this site. I called for the Riders to be 1-7 after the FIRST game. Look it up - it's on this site.

But - this was a complete game. Special teams were dynamite on the downfield coverage, offence was confident, defence was solid and passionate. Only knock I'll give is that we still need a pass rush.

Loved the game, but more than ever, I loved the passion the players brought to it. Let's hope it sticks. This season is not over but easily can be. One game at a time.

It’s one game, dudes.

A statement game.

Very much so. Fantastic effort. Just like in Week 4. Now let's see it again.

I don't see that as a statement game. A statement game would be winning next week!

I agree. As impressive as this outing was it is, as others have indicated that it is only one game. But it sure was a thing of beauty and I agree that it was one of the best executed games by a Rider team in a long time. The coaching staff will have to be on top of their game this week to make adjustments to keep Winnipeg off-balance and to also keep the players' at that same degree of excellence we witnessed on Sunday.

banjo bowl = statement game

It was, but I stand by my assertion that the Labour Day game was as well. Without that game, I don't think we have this one.

absolutely. I think that LD was a statement, but, it to would not have been as much so if the roles were reversed in the Banjo bowl. I think it was more a combination of the 2 that was a statement.

I think you are right. Any time a "last place" team beats the "first place" team two games in a row, those games combined really say something.

You got 'er Pontiac!

Now it is two.....

Yes it is. Now here's hoping for three. :thup: