..and so it begins

thats a catch!!!

Looked like a catch to me.

no catch according to the rules.

hopefuly that rule is changed this offseason.

incosistant ruling by the refs.

oh well.
still a good game.

...rumoured to be Lazaruk.

i think the refs are calling a good game so far.

if only all reg season games were called this good.

( altho people would still complain on here )

Khari almost stopped chuckling for the first time b/c of the ruling.

What's up with Chuck Roberts? What's up with the crowd? Most are dressed as a plastic seat?

Never mind. There he goes. :smiley:

WHAT A HIT on Cahoon....WOW.

as fluite used to say:
a de-cleeter..lol

Looked like Bolden was out of bounds.

look again.

this is a very good game...back and forth.
reminds me of the sugar shane mosely / miguel cotto fight lastnite.

i knew westwood would miss...while setting up for the kick, waiting for the snap, he looked very flustered...i said to myself, he aint getting it, call a time out.....

2nd STUFF of the NITE.


What a bad call qb sneak.

here it is....for the WIN........milts last game or not......


Montreal proved all year their no good on short yardage. Popp should be fired he cost them the game!

montreals o-line cost them the game.

that, and popp not realizing his o-line stinks and kicking a FG early and punting late.

NEVER bet against the Dali Lama

merry christmas bombers, from Als coaching staff, may they burn in hell.

...but I heard Popp was the greatest Coach/GM ever....