..and so it begins

Winninpeg TouchDown on the Bombers first offensive Drive.

i predicted a BeatDown...and so it begins.

Yea Milt!


no TD, but the als will punch it in the next play to make it decisive.



good job by sanchez to keep his feet in bounds on that pick.

Brady is lookin very impressive so far.

Looks like Motreal found a good Canadian in Deslauriers.

Levingston looks dangerous on every return.

good pick up by popp

Oh Yeah baby nothing but goal line :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

MB's 1 yard passes finally worked!!

This is shaping into one great game!

As bad as Hamilton appears,
Maybe the Ticats arent that bad But the rest of the CFL is that Good-great game so far

Good game love the intensity or urgency of playoff football

what does hamilton have to do with anything?

they missed the playoffs....do not speak of them again until after these playoffs.

to think Hamilton had Brady, he,s playing well for Montreal. can he do it for 4 q,s ?

didnt the ultimate warrior kick savage's butt???

yes...he did kick his butt.

alot of people did tho.
Ooooooooooo Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah

Anyone know who the ref is in the Cal/Sask game?