And So Ends the 2007 Season

Well, Ticat fans; its official now as we miss the playoffs once again and are heading for what will likely be a 2 and 16 season.

We have a battered football team with apparent injuries to key players throughout the roster.

What have the Tiger cats learned as a football team? Hopefully enough to improve the team immensely next year.

Key changes are still needed by this team, although not quite as desperately as in this past year. I hope they start with the elimination of most of the assistant coaches. These guys do not possess the ability to discipline players as they continue to make high school mistakes and take dumb penalties.

If Taaffe can't select better people, Dejardins, Mitchell or McCarthy should fulfill this task.

One ray of light in today's game was Lofton as a pass defender and tackler. This guy looks promising as do several areas of our football team, but much work remains to be done.

I suppose that another promising note would be that some of the newer American personnel that
are kept for next year will have become more familiar with the CFL game. With a full season under their belts, these players along with home bred players becoming more familiar with their positions, should show improvement.

A major problem that needs immediate addressing, I would say is an "across the league" problem and that remains OFFICIATING, which by now has cost the Ticats several games this season alone.

This is not to say that our own ineptness is not our major down fall but officiating remains pathetic and must be addressed.

..and so begins the 2008 ticket campaign. Should be real interesting to see what the marketing whiz-kids come up with this time!

I thought Marko Cavka Played Well

im quite interested as well. when you completely overhaul your team, coaches, etc. its easy to dupe the already delusional fans into believing that this year will be different, but when you are actually worse than the previous year, how do you turn around and then tell fans its getting better? how do you ask them to commit to another 3 year ticket plan? hope those packages are discounted since you didnt get your money's worth out of the last 3 years. but expect to pay more since mr. 1-man -show printers has to get paid.

Don't care what the marketing plan is. I'll be renewing and my boyfriend will be buying next year.

2003 season - 1 win
2004 season - 9 wins - OMG
2005 season - 5 wins
2006 season - 4 wins
2007 season - 2 wins and counting

How many seasons is this team going to go through a rebuilding phase? Each year should be a progession but now we have once again to wait for next season. Arghhhh! :twisted:

Well, if nothing else, we can win a game or two and screw up the Playoffs (for the West mostly).

There is a great deal of instability with our team, that's a fact. But I have stability issues :twisted:
Mayeb that's why I love 'em so much.
Let's hope by '09 we can celebrate a 10 year Grey Cup drought with a win.

As long as I don't have to sit next to my Argo-fan friend at the Cup, I'm still looking forward to this year's Championship.

So, Bob's Five Year Plan, thus far, is 9-5-4-2-?