And so castles made of sand..........

.....what? thought this was about the Edmonton/Calgary tilt tonight?....nah, just listening to Hendrix.........

are you having fun , YET...........? :lol:

the Eskimos were in a purple haze last night...

Ricky Ray looked god awful last night.

He has the ability to look like Joe Montana some games, and other games he looks like Nealon Greene..

more like Red Green last night.....

tough kid though, he took a kicking last night...

I know he is a good QB and has signed the big contract, but he definitely had a poor game. Which begs the question, why wasn't he pulled for Maas to begin the second half. This would not be a slap in the face of your marquee player. A football team needs two good QB's.

Ray's interceptions are usually pretty awful. He just throws the ball up in the air, deep, instead of taking the sack. He should take a lesson or two from Dickenson.

i'm not defending Ray, but on all 3 interceptions, he was about to be hit or in the process of being hit. it seems like the key to shutting Ray down is pressuring him! the o-line for the eskies need to step it up - they've been letting Ray take a " kicking" for most of the year and i think it's starting to wear on Ray, not to mention starting to show!

i still wonder why they didn't at least try to see what Maas could do in the 4th quarter, if not sooner. :roll:

I wonder why Ray doesn't take the sack rather than risk throwing the interception. On at least 2 of his interceptions, he just lofted the ball up, basically throwing a jump ball up and hoping it either falls incomplete or his receiver comes down with it. Unfortunately for him, there were only defenders in the area. It's just not a smart move, in my opinion.

Ray is a high risk high reward kind of qb this year, not really like him from what we seen in the past, he had a bad game, oh well there is always another game, im not worried about Ray, he is one helluva qb, just ask the leagues first 1000 yard receiver.

I would have liked to see them play Maas last night after having Ricky struggle. We need to get him some reps some time. Ray didn't execute when the plays were there and he also did not get any help from our pathetic OL. It's tough when you can't run the ball and the defence knows it, but the Esks have no one but themselves to blame for that problem.

when Ray did the high dive.. flipped...and landed on his shoulder trying for the first down.... I thought they were going to ask for the golf-cart......whatever you say about him he sure is durable......thought his play calling left a little to be desired last night.....they should have put Maas in.....why else do you have a backup....I'm sure Jason is a little less certain of his future with the Esks. today..... :?:

Sure is nice to have two great Qb's, you would think they would make a change when ray looked to be having an off night, my guess is that the coach thought it was a team collapse and not a quarterback problem.

It may be nice to have 2 great QB's like the Eskimos do. But look at BC I mean they must have the most depth at QB ive ever seen. Even there 4th string guy can get it done.

Stamps defense played a really solid game.

I don’t know exactly who you can specifically blame for the Eskimo loss, but Ray had nothing to throw to for most of the night.