And now the Offence is minus Nick Moore

I thought this guy was a great receiver. It should bolster up the Bombers Offensive threat. A top notch QB and Winnipeg will have some good things to look forward to.

So…. where does this leave the Lions? I'm getting a little nervous. I really liked Moore and I know he'll do damage to other teams, including the Lions.

I think this gives Courtney Taylor a huge opportunity to step-up! I think he has the skills to take on the challenge. It will also give Korey Williams a chance to see more regular playing time - the staff seemed quite high on him last year. Although it sucks to lose Moore, I do not think it is the end of the world.

They get Moore and we get Kito Pobla? We lose Banks and Bell, with no one around to fill their roster spots except second stringers. Between the free agents Buono targeted and didn't land, and the guys vacating BC, it seems like a lot of guys don't want to play on the west coast. At least the Seahawks should be good next year. What would the CFL be without this annual, musical chairs type of player movement?

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Who knows Dooger, maybe the Lions will give the Eskies a run for their money as CFL bottom feeders in 2014.

I would say that losing Banks and even Bell probably was done for a reason to make space for newer and younger import talent in the D backfield.
Last season Cord Parks was signed after 3 seasons of bbouncing in the NFL and was a West All Star his first full season. Last season signing Cameron Chism in late August will probably be the DB they would be looking to fill in at a starting spot somehwere. Lin J Shell has been a Utility guy for BC but has saw a lot of PT in different packages could also fill a starting spot at either HB or SAM LB.
Also signed during the expanded PR period in October was rokie Ronnie Yell who has also stuck and remained with the Lions.

For the Lions I would be more concerned about the safety spot.
This has been discussed on another thread current options besides Larose was Matt McGarva a rookie last season. Keynan Parker who will be in his 3rd CFL season and has been worked as a CB but the young Canadian may be better suited for the safety spot. Veteran Jason Arakgi has been almost exclusive special teamer and Wll LB back up. With players now moving from Safety to Will and vice versa his expereince could make him a good prospect to be at least a back up at safety as well

Taylor is definetely primed to take the hole left by Moore to go along with Arceneaux and right now earnest Jackson.
Canadian Shawn Gore also has the ability to be a 1,000 yard receiver. The receiving corp got very deep when Arceneaux returened and even in 2012 the ball was spread nicely with Gore as the leading receiver at 700 plus yards.
Arceneaux, Taylor, and Gore make for a good 1,2,3 receivers
Ianuzzi,hadaira, Poblah give depth at Canadian receiver, however they will be looking to their neg list to bring in some competition for the 4th import receiver to Challenge Korey Williams and even Jackson.