And now...The 55th Grey Cup from Ottawa!

Starring Joe Zuger and Tommy Joe Coffee. With Ralph Sazio, Eagle Keys and a cast of dozens. Also appearing: the longest punt in Grey Cup history (87yds off a quick kick).

Really not the Little General's finest hour :lol:

And those hot looking cheerleaders are all 75 years old now :rockin:

Player introductions start near the end of Part 3, but there's some real gems in the first two parts.

Love the 50 Ale ad! :wink: :thup:

Oh wow, thanks for posting this! This is really great stuff!

very , very cool stuff & thanks :thup:

I was there in 1976. My first Grey Cup.

75 years old is fine by me, any time any place with any of them

Sorry meant to say 75 0r 85, makes no difference, I will take any one of them, provided they are willing.