and now something more personal.

Well, there's been so much contention and back and forth going on over the site the last few days....

what do i do???????

hahaha, decide for me.

and just for you crash, i'll make a cape outta my ticat flag

I think you should be wearing 5 kids in need of A BIG BROTHER on each arm

looks like someones been reading my other posts... haha

however one younger brother and many tiny cousins are enough for this student thank you.

back on to the colours please :smiley:

"Espo" in a white jersey, a black hat versus the Game Day whites, and a warm beer soaking his polyester 1986 black TiCat pants, hiding it all under a flag is to cruel an image to imagine this close to LDG...

Note that History Channel is playing "Unforgiven" at 1800 on Monday, the comparative of the Eastwood/Hackman and Freeman roles is hardly lost on me, its almost ironic..."We all have it coming for us"; "'Deserve's' got nothing to d with it" etc, are a few quotes that apply to the Cats in spades

I still think we have an honest chance to trash theArgo's really badly...

Wear your black jersey with your white jersey underneath. if they start playing well, then you can switch to white.

not the white one.