And now Newman is gone

Seems awful young to be retiring...with him and Tsoumpas gone it leaves a big gap in what I thought was going to be a great O-Line for years to come. Hate to hear the news Jessie but good luck in whatever you've decided to do.

And now he is trying to come back. I think we should trade hi
for another canadian reciever. Maybe Brock Ralph first reaction is trade him as well, it doesn't sit right with me that him coming back from 'retirement' (aka quitting) happens to coincide with the team's 7-1 record...but Comiskey at 38, while having an outstanding season thus far God bless him, cannot reasonably be considered a player that we can count on for the perhaps making Newman sit and be the backup a) gives us exceptional canadian depth just in case and b) helps instill some humility in the kid...

I was thinking that we needed the Canadian content… But when I checked out the depth chart I noticed that we start 9 canadians. That on top of rotating in Cornish and cote. And now mace is on the team. Might be the most Canadian team out there. I do like Benching him but we have good depth already on the line. Be nice to get another Canadian Like teyo Johnson

...guess the title of this thread can remain the same....

Hey Red does anyone actually know the real story on why the kid "retired" before the season?
It certainly seemed that the Stamps had some issues during the off season with players retiring, coaches going elsewhere etc.
We certainly talked how it appeared that maybe Huff was the problem and it could possibly lead to problems, however the current record is obviously the test.

...Al Cameron, sportswriter for the Herald, has probably the most access to the 'real' story given his place as the official scribe for the team, so most of my info comes from him, along with other media sources...however, the team is going to control that message as any organization is wont to do, so I can't tell you exactly what the inner workings any more than I could tell you how Encana or Westjet's last board meeting went.. belief is the series of retirements that happened earlier this year were an anomaly, and each player chose to leave the team under various circumstances, in other words I don't see a single driver that caused an exodus...[shrugs], that's my opinion, the situation is certainly open for interpretation, but I will note this, if there was a single problem, a unifying issue in the locker room that was driving players to leave (in this case you have offered up a hard-ass coach as an example) then that single issue has also had a reverse effect on the remaining team, solidifying it into a fighting unit that currectly stands as one of the top teams in the league...if that is considered a 'problem' then I'd like that problem for many seasons to come... the specific case of Jesse Newman, immaturity is the reason he quit in the first place, and immaturity is the reason he wanted to rejoin...all the best to him in BC, but the boy has some growing up to do...

i thought we should have got a higher draft pick then that. like a first and third. or two second round drafts. di he suit up yet for bc?

I saw him in some video hi-lites. Not sure if he was starting though or just on for special teams and spot duty last game.

im really happy with the Canadian content in Calgary this year. and i liek that we are building through the draft. trading for draft pix is awesome. i read on the cfl site today that 28 of the 47 drafter are signed. that pretty good.