"And now, DEEP THOUGHTS...."

After watching the respective Labour Day Classics this weekend, I have arrived at a philosophical question that can only be answered by the masses here at CFL.ca...

Who would win a game between the Alouettes and the Ti-Cats if Nealone Greene started for the Als', and Eakin got the start for the Tabbies?

Discuss this pressing question.

2-2 tie

Als. Nealon can engineer TD drives, and they have a OC who has been there since the start of the season. Hamilton just doesnt have the weapons to win a game. IMO, they will finish 2-16 this season.

Nealon Greene and the als would win 7-0. Eakin would end up throwing 5 interceptions, adding to the 7 he already has in RELIEF TIME as a backup qb!

Montreal hands down..... well it would be something like 21-7 with all the points coming off INT or Fumble return for TDs

Is that points or interceptions?

I'm guessing points since the INT numbers would be through the roof.

Why would they need Nealon, the waterboy would do!

In all fairness to Cats fans I apologize for this post! I think we should leave this subject totally alone! I know for one if my team is down and out I would not want threads like this! Keep supporting the team it can only go up hill from here!

Its just a philosopical question, rw05... work with me here. :lol:

OK where does this team go from here! There is absolutely no positives here! The first and formost thing that needs to happen is send Ronnie to Hawaii until a new coach is hired! Do they not have anyone with half a mind to run this team.

Green has the starter experience, the AL would dominate NFL style, 14 to 0.

....i said awhile back in one of my posts....the Cats better hire a coach quick....obviously they should have replaced the whole crew at the time they let Greg Marshal go....I hope they're not waiting for the Bombers Greg Marshal....because the way the Bombers are playing ...that may not be the answer...They have to do something in the way of a quality coach NOW....and start preparing for next year...and get to know the guy......and vice-versa...BOB YOUNG.....get your head out of ..................your clouds..... :roll: :?

ooops forgot to give you my prediction for this classic game....though you can probably tell by my post ...it wouldn't be a win for the Cats... :wink:

Montreal hands down.

I still shake my head when I look at this Hamilton Team. I really thought they would do better than they have.

But you know, the TiCats were in the game until the fourth quarter. In fact they were winning a lot of the yardage stats. Holmes had a good game. But it was all the non-stop turnovers that killed them. Then a couple of garbage TDs on interceptions that really made the score look bad.