And now, back to scout college players/get a coach

Now THAT'S To Do list works for me! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

"Bob Young And The Restless" has been pre-empted until further notice.

In the m.o. that predominates in Tabbieville, I promise in four days I will be back in this thread to delare my admiration for Charlie, especially if we land a couple of good neg list guys and a secondary coach who can get our guys to ball as a cohesive unit! :wink:

Good luck to Charlie et al on these searches!

Oski Wee Wee,

At the Ticat press conference last week announcing the hiring of Denny Creehan as defensive co-ordinator, Creehan said that they would hire the best available linebacker coach or defensive secondary coach and he (i.e. Creehan) would assume the other coaching positon.

According to Bubba O'Neil on CHCH-TV Sports Scope last night, current Argo special teams coach Marcello Simmons might become the Ticats' linebacker coach. If this turns out to be correct, then Denny Creehan will be the defensive secondary coach.

Marcello Simmons
Special Teams Coordinator Toronto Argos

Texas-native Marcello Simmons played in the CFL for seven years, including six seasons as a Toronto Argonaut. In 2003,

the former defensive back from Southern Methodist University returned to the Argos as Special Teams Coordinator. While under his guidance, the Boatmen have ruled the annual CFL awards and all-star balloting. In the past four seasons,

Toronto players have led the CFL by filling eight special teams positions on the East Division all-star team, four spots on the CFL all-star team and three players have represented the East Division at the annual CFL Outstanding Player awards.

Under the guidance of Simmons, Bashir Levingston became the first Argo player to be nominated for, and win, the CFL’s Outstanding Special Teams Player Award in 2003. Simmons has a seventeen year old daughter named Camille, earned his personal trainer accreditation this off-season and enjoys playing guitar.

[url=] ... cello.html[/url]

Hey there, Onknight! You're a wealth of information!


Why the %$#^ would the Tioats not make Simmons their special teams coach? That is his specialty, as he demonstrated with the Argos.

Well if he does end up on the staff I'm sure he can lend some advice....seeing how they will be working together.

All that blue hurts my eyes.

well we be swapping Coaches our DL Coach for Special Teams Coach.

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(ticatsackattack) Why the %$#^ would the Tioats not make Simmons their special teams coach? That is his specialty, as he demonstrated with the Argos.
Hey there! Watch your language!

Seriously, Simmons might make a very good special teams coach.

He won’t be coaching Special Teams it will be linebackers