and now argos are 2 - 10 .....

macbeth showed last nite why he stinks - just cut him and stop the misery
more mobile franklin was a very welcome change and almost made the game entertaining
did u see the stands last nite ? a real testament of the team’s fortunes
argos need to fire prez and front office - that crowd was abysmall
and fire all coaches / popp
most players are trying real hard
time 2 play the rookies / canadians
see what they got
put o’connor as qb #2 and let him play a few halves

Smallest postwar crowd for an argo home regular season game (excluding those away “home games” in 2015). Look it up. 9819. Wikipedia keeps attendance records on each argo game going back to 1953. Can’t find one where it was under 10k. Last year came pretty close with the Winnipeg game.

I suspect MLSE is quietly looking for a quiet way to relieve themselves of their “CFL” problem.

winning record the best medicine - the marketing ‘hype’ only helps AFTER a teanm w/ winning record
ticket sales, cheer leader, mascots, flags, appearances on tv/radio, [hospitals are excepted] etc are all 2nd - mlse doesnt seem to understand that
last 2 yr = 6 - 24 - sickening

Didn’t they win a grey cup less than 2 years ago?! :slight_smile:

MLSE really doesnt care about the Argos. They do zero to promote the team. They play in a stadium that doesnt have correct Cfl dimensions.
BMO is still all Red TORONTO FC. They do nothing to even attempt to make it even welcoming for the Argos.
Its basically a tax right off & attempt at showing goodwill towards the Cfl.

At some point they are going to have to get a look at there potential starting QB in O’Connor these last few games.
I get they didnt want to throw him to the wolves early. & get his clock cleaned.
But MacBeth Nor Franklin certainly arent the future. & they are way outa playoff contention.
So lets get a sneak peak at O’Connor

Time to start the Canuck and let him learn under fire .

Well its week 16 coming up. The Argos have 6 games left.
They are not mathematically eliminated. & MacBeth has been putting up some Gaudy offensive numbers. Until week 15 vs Calgary. & got the hook.!

Wat wuld the point be in starting Franklin at home? This week vs the Riders at BMO.
Franklin ? MacBeth ?
It seem s public opinion is trending back to Franklin.

All that being said. Justin Dunk made a great point. Obviouly the Argos arent going anywhere this year.
The Argos D is playing much bettel & they just signed DB Jonathon Mincy after being nfl TC cut. He should be in the lineup this week or next.
So dont wait till the last week or two wen opponents have things clinched. & both oponnents & Argos both start sitting starters.

Imo. This week would be too soon to start he would benefit greatly from at least getting a nice chunk of first team snaps. & the in week 17 take 1st team snaps.
As They play at BC in the dome. So playing conditions will be perfect.
It wuld be the perfect time to get a look. With both the Lions & Argos still playin 1st team players.

The Worst thing would be to put O’Connor in the 2nd half if the Arogos are down. To be a sitting duck in the pocket

I have to agree 100 pct. When the Argos moved to BMo I thought this was it. The team was turning around and all the hipsters will be talking about them in Liberty village like TFC. Sadly it seems theres less marketing than when Braley owned the team , if that’s possible. MLSE just seems let them use the field for CFL games as the stadium is not in use anyway. Very disappointed . I think if they built a stadium around York university in 2005 or 06 things may have turned out differently.

i think expanding seat capacity at varsity stadium would have been the right call - subway access, restaurants on bloor, proper dimensiom field, good for u of t too

Well I always thought the same thing to move into The GTA regions into
A stadium an an area where. They wuldnt be an after thought.
Right now York Stadium that was built for Track & Field. Has a capacity of 8,000. For Pan Am Games it had a capacity of 12,500.

Right now the York 9 of the CPL have already made upgrades to the stadium. With Luxury & Club box seats added to the corner sections.
Along with a food truck. Food court area behind one of the goals.
Here is the real Kicker in all this.
They are going to remove the track from the venue. So the seating can be moved closer to the field area for Soccer and Football!
The grass field is going to be replaced by Field turf as well.
So both soccer & Football can play at the York stadium. In back to back days!
Unlike BMO & its temperamental TFC & fans need a week to switch from soccer to Football. For the pristine grass soccer pitch.
I often mentioned that the Argos are just the odd team out these days with the bevy of pro teams in the same area of Downtown Toronto proper.
This is nada slight on the CFL. As many cities with NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, & MLS. Have built venues in the greater growing suburban areas.
There are a plenty of news articles out there that have discussed all these possibilities at York venue including having the Argos move and play there along with the CPL York 9.
As suites, Club Boxes, VIP Sections, and with the removal of the track. As well as the abilty to expand to a 20k or so venue for CPL, CFl, As well as York U foitball & become a community stadium. That will include a winter Bubble for year round use.

This past year the Argos had its Training Camp on that crappy old field. The same place in which there practice.
Their preseason home game was at Varsity Stadium with the 1,000 seating capacity.
Much like the Riders having their Training camp At U sask.
The Argos shoud to the same at a beutiful York venue.
And also host their pre season game their.
As well for next year. Opposed to those loooooong Western Roadtrips to Work around the TFC schedule. & being the ginny pig for TD Atlantic. They should have at least one home game at York which is in the GTA.

Oh and bye the Way. The Pan Am Stadium built in York has the full CFL dimensions. With 20 yard end zones.

argos played a pre season game at varsity and they already have a good quality field - blues colour dovetail very well w/ argonauts - increase seating to 25k and a home is born for TORONTO [not york] argonauts

Lol. Yessss

Well back to the now 2-11 Argos. Franklin replaced Macbeth. He was awful too.
Next week the Argos are in BC. and outa the 6 games left another 2 are against the lowly RedBlacks.

At wat point do they give O’Connor a sneak peak into the future.
While the Argos are still playing the starters.
Franklin had so many 2 and outs the Argos D culdnt get off the field. Id say thats rock bottom.
Do it now before the last game or two wen the Argos and other teams who have clinched playoff positions put the end of PR roster in like in pre season games

Time to now see if Prukop can do something like all these other backup QB’s have done this year. It has been the year of the backup QB this year in the CFL.

I was thinking of Rookie O’Connor but i would have no problem getting a look a Prukop either.
Need to look ahead at this point

I just can’t Edmonton and Winnipeg trying to finish the season out and go into the playoffs with two rookie QB’s behind the two backup QB’s they are playing now.
Winnipeg are probably ok as long as Streveler stays healthy but with two raw rookies backing him up they must be a little nervous.
They have to trade for McLeod Thompson IMO.
Edmonton have Logan Kilgore who is playing just ok, but they to have a pair of raw rookies backing him up. So unless Harris will be back before the end of the regular season I would think they have to pick up James Franklin to back up Kilgore and maybe play some as well.
Things will probably go right now to the dead line with both teams playing chicken with Jim Popp, unless they both want MBT, then one of them will have to make a move before the week end.
As far as I know the Argos have not named a starter for Saturday night yet and Zach Collaros has been taking reps in practice this week. Oh the drama.

Thats wat ive been saying. Now Strevler in Winnipeg, Kilgore in Edmonton (should Trevor Harris not be able to return), Even in Sask with Farjardo has no one behind him.
Any QB these teams bring in that have CFL experience arent going to come in and replace these guys.
But should one go down during the middle of the game down the Stretch. Or miss a game down the stretch. Or go down during a playoff game.
Someone needs to be behind them to at least know the CFL.
If any of these guys are out for playoffs then said team isnt going to win a GC.
But there is alot of time & games between now & than. So a guy that can hold the fort in a short period of time.