And Lonie didn't think of this first?!?

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A pair of Hamilton Tiger-Cats cheerleaders have been suspended pending review for appearing on Howard Stern's satellite radio show on Thursday, "claiming to be virgins."

Deanna 25, and Ashley 21, discussed their oral sex experiences, danced suggestively and and were exposed to a penis on the shock jock's show.

The two appeared on Stern's show to promote a Toronto fitness competition in which they are participating.

The pictures are on Stern's website.

The two cheerleaders were ordered by the team's staff not to cheer in last night's game with the Argos at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

A team source acknowledged the incident but would not elaborate pending a review.

They gonna delete your post...They have been deleting all posts that mention the little Sybian riding Vixens...

Well that, I didn’t know. I just got here and didn’t see any reference to it on the forums so I thought I just copy the article over.

Maybe a certain 1985 cheerleader will have to come out of retirement to fill the void here. :slight_smile:

.......meh, the ticats forum mods are a little more strict about their room....I for one ain't moving this.......It's a little more racy than the Panthers cheerleader incident last year but so what?....


For those who want the whole story in pictures

virgins my a**

Its Stern, what does anyone expect? If the CFL doesn't want their players or cheerleaders on the show they should make it a policy.

Hey , at least in the GREY CUP in EDMONTON , SHANIA TWAIN didn't show her breast. Too bad.


It was cold there.

Where is JANET JACKSON when you need her? :lol:

Ya, I was wondering why this never made it on I guess the mods there are really quick to eliminate anything that taints the PR image of the club.

With regards to the activities of the ladies, I was also suprised that none of the new reports mentioned the machine they strattled in addition to the rest of the antics...

Well, you also have to take in consideration who's behind MRX to begin with. Now, I'm not one to say there's a conspiracy involved behind the removal of the posts regarding this topic on the Ti-Cats forum, but one has to think that people who post with a topic header that reveal the names of the two (eventually) former cheer squad members involved, that one of the higher ups will try to sweep it under the rug. Especially, if say for example, the person posting is so new that the thread is his first post.

Here, I attempted to conceal it with a reference to one of the biggest dingi (I'm guessing that's the proper pluralization of dingus, isn't it jm?) the league has ever seen and made light of his tendancy to frolic with the cheerleaders for his now "suspended" franchise. (Remember the talk of the mock-slasher short?)

lol.....dingi will do just fine, mongo.....

I titled my tread in the ticats room

Ticat cheerleaders don’t like Kock!

It lasted 37 minutes.

Funny league, you can smoke pot but you can’t ride a sybian! LOL

ahhhh but there lies the problem. You attempted to sneak your way past the filter by blatantly typo'ing the slang for the male reproductive organ. No wonder it was given the hook. Sure, it might "zuck", but you can't expect it to last that long with such colloquialisms. :lol:

It's funny how those three words change in context.

whoa! that reminds me of an article I read where two cheerleaders were caught having... um... "special activities" with each other in a restroom.

these cheerleaders today have to learn to chill out and realise that the XFL is dead :roll: