and it continues

according to this pdf, the league has only played 2 games each so far

[url=] ... 074553.pdf[/url]

way to keep up boys :roll:

Also, the paper size is A4, whereas in Canada, the standard is letter size. What's up with that?

I infer from this that you feel this is 100% MRX's fault. I really have no idea who the league has hired to do the various jobs, including gathering, consolidating, and posting the stats. Do you? While that is possible, is it not also possible that whoever is supposed to create the PDF file with the stats didn't provide it in time?

yes, I beleive that MRX is totally responsible for everything to do with CFL.CA. I wouldnt mind being corrected on that though

pretty sure MRX is not compiling the has gander things to turn his attention to

From the news section of the MRX website,

Canadian Football League

In April 2012 the Canadian Football League (CFL) upgraded their main league site to our new CMS6 platform. CMS6 provides CFL teams and league staff with custom creation of media intensive news articles and pages and the ability to create and distribute videos and photo galleries. A core part of CMS6 is the media library that allows users to tag and search videos and photos and embed them into news articles and other related pages within a site.

From the sounds of things, the CFL itself has the power to manage the content on its website. It doesn't say "update game stats" on there, but it wouldn't make sense if the CFL could do all the things listed there yet weren't able upload a simple file.