And How about that Troy Davis tonight

Wasn't TD just awesome in a"maas"ing over 180 yards against the ArgoSnots tonight. He almost single handedly carried the Esks to make it as close as it was.

Maybe we could ship Maas back to Edmonton to get the likes of him back. Looked like Ricky Ray needed his old backup again to come out from the shadows to help him out again but this time in the first half.

Albeit, I don't think that we specifically need another running back with Holmes, Ranek and Lumsden but we need a team leader as he and 53 were in years past.

Troy has had his day. One good day when the Esks were clearly out of it should not cause of to lose site of the future.

Anyone who gets some 180 yards rusing in a game is not someone who has had his day. But we are good at the rb position now. The holes Davis got were big though, it's that same old Argo defence, give up a fair bit on the ground but tough to beat them in the air. Good strategy I think.

He was the best running back on the field. He's still the best running back Hamilton has ever had.

Agreed The Record books Do show that..

He was getting some holes at the line...and when he did break loose he was bouncing of the first tackler and picking up a couple of extra yards. I figured that Edmonton would win the game in the 3rd Q...and it was looking like it would happen untill that late turnover by Ray!

Talk about second half adjustments...WOW the first half was a cakewalk for the Argo's and then Ray decided to run a couple in to make it close in the 3rd Q. It was like watching 2 different games!

I was at the game and Troy Davis can play for my team anytime. He's still at the very top of his game. The Argos are talking about the great games that Avery and Williams had but Davis's yardage was better than theirs combined!!

Granted, the O-line was pretty good too.

An Argo fan