and credit for the win goes to..

in order

1 - me, re

[url=] ... ic&t=26722[/url] :wink: :rockin: :cowboy: 8)

2 - Jesse

3 - oline blocking

4 - Danny Mac and the O coaches

5 - Defense

6 - Printers

I'll be sure to bet in favour of BC's next opponent. :roll:

Definite improvement on the O-line. Completely opened up the whole play book.

awesome game...they deserve a full house on July 12th after tonights game. ye haw we have a team this year.

oline was better but I can see dmacs influence with the quick drop and release

:) very nice

Charlie has taken the heat for all the lousy play so far so I think we should give the credit to him after this terrific win.
I'd sure like to know what went on with this team this past week. How can the play calling go from so bad to so good? Big improvement of defence too.

The D line was good tonight.Tre Smith and Lumsden Worked and looked good together!

Also I thought Mariuz had a good game as did Glasper considering his name wasn't mentioned once and Toronto had no big plays down field. So you'd think Glasper must have been taking a lot of big plays away?

1 Charlie Taaffe. I agree with mr62 cats on this.

2 Marcel Bellefeuille

3 Jesse Lumsden

4 Casey Printers

5 O Line

6 D Line

7 Danny McManus

8 Obie

Congratulations to them, and to the whole team. They looked like a team, played like a team, had motivation, intensity and executed in all areas.

I hope all those who call for people's heads after one loss, one incompletion, one dropped ball or one missed tackle will please lay off our club and enjoy watching them make continued progress.

Definitely agree but I also noticed that Casey kept his emotions in check which I think can be contributed to Danny's influence.

The new DLine had real push, Blue didnt have all day to throw the ball.

1 - Casey Printers
2 - Casey Printers
3 - Casey Printers
4 - Jesse Lumsden
5 - Team Effort
6 - Taaffe
7 - McManus?!

I too agree with mr 62 cats,Charlie had our team prepared to play a near flawless game against the evil blue team!

Casey printers did nothing more than Kerry Joseph, except get the win of course.

Nice to have confidence in the QB, but one should keep it in perspective, this game was won by the difference in the running games.

  1. Lumsden (189 rushing yards)
  2. Printers (69.6 completion percentage)
  3. Smith (75 rushing yards on 8 carries, averaged 27 yards on kick returns)
  4. Gordon (4 tackles, including one that kept Joseph from gaining a lot and that fumble recovery. (From zero to hero in one week?))
  5. The rest of the team (few penalties, no turnovers, no sacks given up)

A number of BIG take aways from tonights perfomance from attending the game tonight at Rogers centre.

  1. Cat’s play an all around solid game.
  2. Argo’s couldn’t stop the run and were penalized heavily.
  3. I’ve never heard so many fans wine and complain outside of Ivor Wynn and it felt great to know that Ticat fans just like all CFL fans hate to see their team lose, especially the Argo fans.

Please finish your sentence.

Great win and a great day, lets hope we can continue it against the grey cup champions next week!

Xenu, I trust you are happy now? :cowboy: