And another one bites the dust

surprised I have seen mention of it here yet. Maybe I missed it.

anyhow, sucks about Nichols

Two left standing.

And they want to go with 2 QBs.

In the passing stats, minus Nichols now that leaves only Harris and Arbuckle performing solidly though Mitchell is returning, Fajardo improving, and Adams with much upside.

Alluding to the 2 QB thread, there is enough of a shortage already at solid starting QB between mediocrity, wild slinging, and injury. :-\

In Ottawa, we just need one quarterback, and we need him now.

Maybe you can talk Hank out of retirement. :slight_smile:

Ricky Ray? Anybody? Anybody…?

It will be interesting to see who comes over from some time bouncing around the NFL.

There is a shortage of quality QBs about as much as ever but an abundance of Clipboard Jesus’s and camp bodies.

No sense in paying any mind to many an XFL type, and not one from the AAF appears to have other pro potential except maybe that XFL or arena ball.

Good-bye Johnny Nacho!

maybe brandon bridge can now get a job ?

Well Streveler is young. But as a true rookie straight outa college in 2018. He did throw for 1100 yards & ran for over 400 yards.
In 12 games.
This year Lapo has gotten him in the field. Not just in short Yardage but leaving him in for a small package after a 1st down.
Only time will tell if he can hold down the Fort.
But the Bombers have some wiggle room with a 7-2. Record.
& Lapo has a bit of time to scheme around wat steveler strengths are.

If strevler should go down before Lapo can dust off his rolodex of potential Qbs with some kinda CFL experience.
Sean McGuire a true rookie right outa the NCAA hasnt played one down of pro football.
That will be ugly especially with Labor day & Banjo bowl on the horizon.

At this point I cant think of any QB on an NFL camp roster that has any kind of CFL experience.
Nor any from the Arena League nor the
Rinky dink AAF.
With any kind of
Cfl resume
At all.

That leaves us with Brandon Bridge. Whose Work ethic has been questioned. But Since he came into the CFL. he has bounced from one Tire Fire team offense to another and back again.
Right now at this point. The only two OCs that can possibily right the Bridge ship wreck. Would be Lapo in the Peg or Dickenson in Calgary.

As the Big news is that the Bombers only have 2 QBs with Nichols going on the 6game.
The Stamps are in the same position putting BLM back on 6 game.
Just as bad the only other QB in Calgary is Montell Cozart that was aquired last Aug as another true rookie outa college.
He total stat line for 2018 was zeros across the board.
This year. One pass for one completion.
Like the Bombers. The Stamps dont even have a QB on the PR this season.

Say wat you will about the Argos QB situation.
But they have 5 QBs somewhere on the roster.
3 on the 46 man & two on the 6 game IR.
Neither of the two on the 6 game have not officially ruled out for the season.

Montreal the same.
Vernon Adams has proven to be a CFL starter.
They have 4 Qbs somewhere on the roster.
3 on the 46 game Day & one on the PR. who they were able to call onto the 46. With Adams on one game IR two weeks ago.

Unless the Stamps are going to pull Canadian QB Andrew Buckley outa med school.
They are playing with Fire should Arbuckle go down in near future.
Unless BLM is really ready to go. But since Buckley has been able to do the Job. & they are keeping BLM salary on the 6 game. & have him ready to go down the last 3rd of the season stretch & into playoffs. Stay tuned

The Bombers are a different story as they just found out Nichols will be needed to be placed on 6 Game.
With a game vs Edmonton Friday. They really dont have time & need to focus on preping Steveler. Vs Western esks who can gain ground on them with a win.
Then comes the back to Back with the Riders before they get a bye week in week 15.
These are 3 very important games Obciously for the Bombers.

Afer the smoke clears for the bombers this Fri at
They will be able to get a chance to evaluate the situation.
Can Streveler perform.
What is the updated time line on Nichols.
Now that said Kevin Glenn can fit right into the game manager Offense that has been schemed for Nichols to hold the ship on course.
However. Glenn has not ruled out returning.
But he has been clear the price wuld have to be right for him to return.
He is not looking for a prorated salary with the games left that pay him 400 K.
But he also isnt coming in at the prorated league min.
Wat price wuld be right price only Glenn would know.

That would be amazing.

Take Glenn out of retirement to attempt to play for the “top” team in the West.

ONLY in the CFL.



Do you not know you can edit posts and add more text? It seems like you’re just trying to get your post count up.

Id prefer that a team doesnt need to sign Glenn.
I wouldnt want him to be signed as THE Starter heading into the playoffs.
If for some reason Nichols injury is season ending. Hopefully not.
Then Play Streveler & bring in a younger QB as the number 3 or bump to number two if better than current back up.
But the Bombers need a 3rd QB signed soon.
Cant go with two for the next 3 weeks

I thought it was refreshing to see 10 posts in a row with no one arguing.