and again it is the other stats that cost the game.

Not the best offensive game, and a very good defensive outing. Special teams played well enough to help out the cause. But the non-calls drive you nuts. Twice Joseph is slammed in the head and no flag. Obvious pass interference on crucial plays and no call. Even the interception for a touchdown was questionable. But it was that touchdown that decided the game. I love Joseph but I think he may need a game off to rest. There was a few times were he could have pulled up and run and made the difference for a first down and just couldn't do it. Anyway, hate to see the eskies break out against the green and white. End your losing streak against somebody else next time!
Still got that rider pride!!!!

The CFL is a league steeped in tradition - that is why we love it so much. Tonight it was apparent that the league wants to protect the tradition that the Eskimos make the playoffs every year. No consistency in the officiating whatsoever. In addition to the head shots, the PI's missed the Esk OL holding all night... how about blocks in the back that push our guys into the no yrad zone on punts and WE get the penalty... Amazing. Well the league gets what the league wants and so does Hugh Campbel...SOme things never change.

The officiating was horrible, but that is not why we lost. We had plenty of opportunities but failed to capitalize. No more excuses.

I agree with you. The lack of calls could have cost the game. Defensively they played well. Joseph did well considering his injury which was obvious as he limped around.
Go riders!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Eskimos will never miss the Playoffs as long as the Riders continue to be pathetic and losers over and over, again and again.

we need a winner.