And again I say

A great big thank you to the refs.

Without you there would be no game, no cup, not grey cup week.

Thank you for doing your best with integrity and love for the game.

Thank you for NOT coming close to deciding the game.

Thank you for doing as good a job as any mature fan with a decent IQ would expect.

As usual you didn't watch the same GC as everyone else I guess :wink:

Quite a few of us think the officiating in that game was fine.

But most don't find it necessary to point it out all the time. FYB's ref-loving posts are just as annoying as anyone else's ref-bashing ones. FYB makes it out like the refs are above criticism and his posts dip with condescension ("any mature fan with a decent IQ" for example). He's just as bad as those that constantly bash the refs. The refs aren't as bad as many make out, but they can be bad and that can't be overlooked, and they aren't as great as FYB makes them out, but they can be good and that can't be overlooked.

That said, I thought the reffing in the Grey Cup was brutal. That was one of the reasons I left the game before it ended. I was sickened by how terrible the reffing, and the terrible play of the two teams, was that I decided to head for the exits at the three-minute warning.

every time I see some idiot call the reffing brutal, I am going to post to the opposite extreme.

I didn't think it was a great game either, but I'm not blaming the refs for that.

i was at the game, it seemed okay to me, even though my argos won I do wonder why Calgary didn't field all the guys who played in the west final? the way the grey cup game went, it seemed as if the argos were playing their 2nd or 3rd rate guys with a smattering of 1st rate starters...

Ignoring a questionable call does not make it better and no matter which side of the coin yyou sit, the Taylor touchdown call was questionable.

Nothing questionable about it. Black was clearly held. You can see in the replay Raymond's hand (can't miss the red glove) grabbing Blacks left arm with Taylor only 4-5 feet away. No hold and Taylor does not get a touchdown. Video evidence is pretty clear. You picked the wrong call to complain about.

Johnson actually did a decent job in the Grey Cup. Surprising for him. Where the league was let down was in the video replay booth (never saw that coming :roll: ). I posted this somewhere already but it's worth repeating until they realize that, as a video replay official, Jake Ireland is an incompetent disaster. Had Inman's catch been ruled as touchdown near the end of the first half, as it clearly was on the replay, Calgary would have had 1:01 left on the clock. Instead the Argos run off 2 more plays and Calgary received the kick off with only :20 seconds on the clock.

Calgary deserved to lose that game, they played horrible, but they also deserved the :41 seconds that were lost through incompetency in the video replay booth.

I guess ones view of things depends on the colour they choose to support. As a somewhat neutral observer, Inman's catch could not be overturned because it was not conclusive, period and no matter how much whining comes out of the center of the universe it will not make it so.

If you read many of the posts, holding can literally be called on every play, the hold on Taylors touchdown, and I repeat touchdown, would not have been called all season, it should not be miraculously resurected in the Grey Cup.

You call me biased then make a comment like "no matter how much whining comes out of the center of the universe". Pot, the kettle is calling you.

Two points, 1) Inman's Touchdown, "and I repeat touchdown," (to quote you) not being called hurt Calgary not, I repeat, not Toronto so I don't see how my being an Argo fan makes that "whining", and 2) the kind of holding that Raymond was called does go on a lot in a game and, although not caught every time, it is called every game and when you hold a player who is 5 feet from making a tackle you are going to see a flag no matter how much whining comes out of the lower end of Alberta. No resurrection was involved although the way Calgary approached the biggest game of the year it was needed.

The world through blue coloured glasses.