Holy crap with 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter there were 2 huge plays the derrick armstron touchdown AND (we here in bomber land thought we were being pranked) JOVON JOHNSON WITH A 80 yard touchdown off an interception.
right now i forsure think he is an upgrade over juran bolden, what do u guys think?

...i like Johnson....probably one of the better things to happen to the Bombers so far this year.....kinda scrambling right now to find anything else :oops:

It's been a long time since we have seen a play like Johnsons INT return for a TD from a Bomber. And it came at a time when the team really needed it.

We sure miss Heberts physical presence back at the safety spot. Nugent better pick up his play.

,,,,We seem to need an up=grade at ...punt returns....(whatever happened to Stokes and is he still available)...secondary looks awful...they couldn't stop Calvillo in the first half with his dynamic running ability (lol)...although that's not totally the secondarys fault....We sure do miss Hebert....would we be doing ourselves any favours by bringing in Samuels...Seems to me we have to do something if this continues into the B.C. game... :roll: :roll:

Stokes was released by Edmonton i think.

Jovan Johnson may be a welcome addition to the secondary, but it got shredded by Calvillo. In reality, this is the Bombers' final preseason game.

Cuts need to be made in the secondary and replacements brought in. The performance of the secondary was unacceptable. This tqam isn't good enough to make the playoffs right now, never mind win the Grey Cup. This totally sucks.

They still have that little guy, McGahey (sp) he looked real fast in pre-season, failing that, I wouldn't be surprised to see Stokes back, again.

bring back Samules and Bolen both can play corner or half leave JOHNSON on the corner Anthony Malbrough on short side half and let Jason Nugent and Kelly Malveaux fight it out for saftey