An outsider looking in

I’m not from Hamilton but I’ve read most of the comments on it but I’ve gotten lost in your stadium debate. I guess I could understand the pro WH people's anger towards BY if the city was building a 28,000 seat stadium but since he has to upgrade it to CFL standards he has the right to walk away. I mean it is his money and if he doesn't want to invest in something he doesn't feel will work doesn't he have that right? The mayor says he is looking after the city's future. That’s fine, that's what he was elected to do. That's his job. So why so much hate towards Bob by team WH? Is it because he's a millionaire that people are so angry or that he threatens to move a team with so much history. Is it that people don't understand that to make real money in pro sports nowadays you need all the extra sources of cash? Getting people in seats isn't enough. Not when it comes to the CFL. That's why, here in Ottawa, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group has a deal with the city for retail space by the stadium. You should count yourselves lucky that you're getting provincial and Federal cash because Ottawa and OSEG have to split the costs of the renovations. That's why we have to renovate instead of build a new stadium. If we had the money you were getting I'm sure we would put it in a better location but we can't afford that kind of cost. If the city of Hamilton can't come to an agreement with BY I know I'm not the only one who's going to be pissed that my Federal and provincial tax dollars is going to a one use (PanAm games) stadium when we in Ottawa aren't getting squat.

I wish everyone the best of luck and caution you not to get lost in the anger of this debate.

Lb, don't worry, Ian Troop will not allow your tax dollars to go to a 15,000 white elephant stadium, that will not happen. If it did happen, there should be a riot at Queen's Park IMHO>