an ottawa win tomorrow would be so sweet

just sayin

Lets use this as the game thread.

Yes an Ottawa win would be sweet.

BTW, this has now become a must win for the Bombers.

They have the break next week and the last game is in Tor.

If the lose to Ott, they are most likely done.

Make live extremely difficult especially with Montreal up on them by 2 points and a game left against the Riders.

Don't be surprised if Argo and Ticat fans are rooting for the Bombers! Just sayin' :smiley:

I've been away for a few days without 'net or cable, though I heard the score I was finally able to watch the game tonight.

I became a fan in 1988 and after years of either ridiculously bad football or no football at all, and tolerating naysayers, I can finally say that I am a fan of a winning team. "Sweet" doesn't even begin to describe it for me at this point. :o