An open letter to Ti-Cats fans

That must have really sucked to lose that last game, especially considering how well your offence played against such a great defence as the Riders. All I can say is having cheered for the green and white for many years, I know that eventually the tide will change; that's right, very soon the Ti-cats will turn the corner and return to greatness. In my opinion Printers and Lumsden will be the best QB/RB combo in the CFL this year, and are incredibly exciting to watch. All I can say is don't despair! Hang in there and don't forget how mediocre the Riders were only a few years ago.

Thanks man. and i believe we are already half way around that corner :slight_smile:

The Ti-Cats are the most exciting team to watch this year so far. It's great to see a team be so effective with the running game.

They've got an awesome Running Back. Awesome Quarterback. They got young receivers, give them time, they'll be awesome!

Everyone Picked Montreal, Hamilton and Edmonton to be the last teams. People jumped the gun, and I'm very happy to see their far.

Though I agree Hamilton has improved in their receiver department, I could not argue that they wouldn't still be considered the bottom in that specific area. They don't have a single STAND OUT receiver that will crack the top 10 in receiving. As a Team, they definitely are no longer the worst team in the league.

I'm hoping Bauman can continue to improve and be th go-to-guy for the cats offense.

Tough loss but a hell of an exciting game.

I'm confident someone will emerge in time. If not this year, next year. Our strength is our rushing game (with Lumsden, Tre AND Printers). However, our receivers, although no 1000 yarders, are generally reliable.

Obie will find some guys probably after nfl cuts.

And Saskatchewan. The only people who didn't pick the Riders for last seemed to be Rider fans.

Yeah, but it's a very wide corner :wink: .

Hamilton has been the laughing stock of the league for a few years now but this year I feel a sense of urgency and purpose with the Cats.

I sense that they feel that they can compete/beat any team in the league and having this confidence bodes well for the team.

Printers is more than capable of winning. As long as he's #1 and doesn't have to deal with any QB controversy, he should be able to keep his 'attitude' in check. Give him some good targets and let him go wild.

It's early in the season, and this is the CFL after all. I wouldn't be suprised to see a Hamilton/Montreal final.