An Open Letter To Jim Daley

Dear Mr. Daley,

Please stop the bleeding!!!!! Bomber Nation can no longer stand this. We are sick of your excuses as to why you are losing football games, and we aren't prepared to accept them.

Sure, this year is a 'rebuilding' year, and we weren't expected to do great. But the problem is, we could do great. You just choose to leave the wrong players in the game, while the good players are sitting on the sidelines.

Kevin Glenn: Should never have been a starter
Tee Martin: Tee Time is over...get him out before he embarrasses himself more
Troy Westwood: His hair is too long, and can't hit field goals.
Kamau Peterson: Plain and Simple, he can't catch

You have alot of players prepared to step up, and have when given the opportunity. Jamie Stoddard can actually catch a pass, unlike that pathetic Peterson. But why is he only playing on special teams? Jon Ryan should take over all the kicking duties. He has serious distance, and for the most part (excluding last nites final kick) is deadly accurate. And why is Wynn not the starting qb? Even the TSN guys think you are nuts to not have him in. He learned from 2 great qb's, is the only one with CFL experience, and deserves his time to shine. Give him a chance. And Mr. Rust, GREAT job with the defence. They are amazing! Too bad we don't have an offence to help them out.

It's a hard time to be a Bomber fan. But we will stand by and still cheer for our team. And sure, we 'almost' beat Edmonton, and 'could have' beat Calgary, but that is not good enough.

But hey, you are the coach, and I am just a loyal fan. Maybe I'm wrong, and your 'scheme' will work and we might actually win a few games. Maybe Martin will become a good CFL QB. Maybe Peterson will learn to catch a football. Maybe Westwood will cut his hair and actually make some FG's. If this current trend of crappy performance, with even crappier excuses continue, I hope this is your final few games in Winnipeg. It seems like you don't even care about the team. And then you will know that your 'excuse' is not good enough.

Bomber Nation

Well said. I was at the Lions - Argo game so didn't get to see this one but I watched Spurgeon Wynn in BC last year and I can't imagine how he can't be doing something good for the Bombers this year. Maybe he isn't the QB I think he could be as our rookie Lion, Buck Pierce looked great too with the BC team he had to play with during the exhibition games. On the other hand, I did see Spurgeon throw some nice passes last year.

Sounds good to me! put that in Daleys mailbox!!!

give me a Very Good Reason why Glenn shouldnt be the starter and i want facts no opinions or sepeculation or any crap like that.

You give me a good reason why he should be.....we've all seen him play and know why he shouldn't be.

He been injured hasn't he?

Yeah Kanga, he is supposedly injured.
I haven't heard any mention of it lately though, so I don't know whats going on.

I still say that Daley has to give either Michna or more importantly Wynn a chance at the helm. Martin and Glenn have had their chance, and enough is enough.

Our defence showed how great they can be. Our offence has shown us how pathetic they can be. They bleeding has to stop somewhere.

BS guys.

He really needs to give Wynn a game... he WILL produce better than Martin... Wynn was mentored by Dave Dickenson... a great QB... and also had last years MVP Casey Printers giving him advice and pointers too... when called upon last year and in 2003 he stepped up and played well.

his stats as a back up are pretty good.. over the 2 years he completed 67 of 99 passes 67.7% CP for 894 yards.. 6 TD's... 1 INT... and if my calculations are right... that works out to a 112.1 QB rating.

at this point in the season... badly needing a win to try to get a little momentum... and the QB's been used so far have been ineffective... i can see no reason why Wynn should not get a start to try to help turn things around.

Stegallfan: There is your stats.

(I haven't verified the stats personally, so if they are wrong, oh well)

i can provide links if needed.... except for the qb rating... i did that calculation myself based on the info provided by RedandWhite on how to calculate it... thanks to R&W for that very usefull information :smiley:

those are good stats if you ask me, i think noone is giving glenn a chance because of how terrible the defence was last year, now that the defence looks good we should do well once glenn returns

but with only 14 TD passes last year and 8 INT's he didn't look that good... and those numbers you can't blame on the Bombers D... he put up almost identical numbers as Jones (only difference was Glenn threw a couple more TD's... yet Jones got run out of town... so why would Glenn that put up about the same numbers as Jones be any better of a fit?

i'm not saying he's a bad QB... but Wynn should be given a chance to try to prove that he can do better than Glenn... and if he does.... then Glenn should play as #2

Chronic is partly right, Glenn is the starter and would have to lose the job, but given that Wynn has more CFL experience then T or Michna, he should have been #2 and playing in Glenns absence, not T. I think this has been a monumental blunder on the part of Daly, especially IF the bombers come up a point or two shy of playoff spot at the end of the season.

I like Tee Martin after what I saw against Edmonton.

We will be seeing more of Martin if Glenn can't play this Friday... blah

But that is my problem with this whole situation.

Mostly everyone, including the guys on TSN, are wondering what the &*#@ Daley is doing leaving Martin in the game. He has not done anything productive. He even said he did, after 1 or 2 games, he was still having trouble adjusting to 3 downs. Going into thursdays game, he had less total yards than Ray did in one game.

Martin has had his chance, and he has failed. We are 0-4, and there isn't much more to lose. Our next 2 games are against Montreal and Toronto. Will we be 0-6?

The critics say that the team needs time to gel, to get their groove. And I somewhat agree with that. But, on the other hand, consider this: The defence has not had the same lineup in either of the 4 games. Constant changes led to the performance on thursday. Holding Edmonton to no TD's, that's impressive. Why won't Daley shake up some things on Offence? Give someone else a shot. At this point, we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Like I said earlier. I see Martin doing things as a QB, like studying his recievers in game situations. What they do on the field, is a good indication of preventing trial and error. Martin isn't doing things off the seat of his pants, he's just learning differently. I can see it when he's on the field. What he's doing is studying the receivers and memorizing his receivers in order to make those adjustments and create more offense. CFL is going to be different for the guy.

BTW: I'd rather start Michna anyway.

HAHAHA... you must be an Esks fan... cuz there was NOTHING to like from Tee that game...

I said what I wrote as a BB's fan actually. Good one though.