An open letter to certain posters

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I believe that last topic was deleted by mistake. I'm on my phone away from a computer but will see if I can un-delete it when I get a chance.

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Personally I also thought the discussion was rather mature. I realize that the topic(s) are supposed to be taboo but since it was about the news of a player in this league it is almost impossible to avoid.

Read a few of the posts on the thread that was locked...Some very valid points made BUT MJ we both know what he final outcome will be and how all of the debate ends...usually in solving nothing...Healthy debate is always great and censorship should be kept to a minimum but definitely monitored..Tough job for the guy who is doing the monitoring ...Glad to see that your post was reinstated ...As far as the topic that was locked is concerned, I always fall back to a very wise man when he said ...'Live and let live'...My dad was right and I've followed that sentiment as best I could all of my life...I wish that more people in this world would embrace those words....It sounds simplistic but the world would be a better place

LOL. . . an entire thread gets deleted by "mistake"? Sorry, excuse my cynicism. But hey, if that floats your boat, run with it.

It's not a thread that is locked we are talking about here, papa, there are 2 locked threads on the same topic. . . it's a third one that was totally deleted (apparently by "mistake").

Ah yes....well it seems plausible an error was made...I better keep up with all of these threads...Rather be watching a game today though...

Just wondering how you can have free speech with the inability to talk about religion. But anyway, a decent forum should be self policing and need little if any moderation. I am sure a few of the Forum Authority (I like that, now to be named FA) are aware of the most prominent Canadian soccer site that has basically never moderated anything. Sure there can be a few flame wars from time to time but they always blow over as like a real fight the participants get tired and often look for a way out.

Now, I've seen (in this thread), an FA saying it's fair that a poster be notified that any posts of theirs have been deleted and a reason given why. Also, the FA posted "except for obvious spam and those who've had similar posts removed in the past." So I guess that is the catch all phrase for making posts disappear for no valid (or given) reason.

When that happens, that leaves these deletions subject to accusations of bias and ulterior motives on behalf of the FA. I, too find the accidental deletion a little difficult to believe based on my own (non communicated - by them) dealings with the FA.

Two points: I understand this site is under the auspices of the CFL and has to tread carefully, maybe it might be advisable to look at that relationship.

Two, I just edited a post and the thread went to the top of the list, that was not my intention. I know at another site a poster constantly did that to keep his agenda prominent, if there is a forum setting to change that, it should be done.

I had same idea with a certain Eskimoo
I clearly stated not to discuss whether you agree or not with his beliefs I was asking what general consensus was as to whether he was treated fairly by being labelled negative terms and given his outright release
The overall tone of conversation was very respectful by all replies I saw and to be applauded

I'm unclear why free speech is being cited here.

You can't go into Tim Hortons and demand a Big Mac. You'll be told to go elsewhere.

This site wants CFL to be at the forefront of conversation. They clearly do not want threads that veer into politics or religion. So be it.

I find it to be well moderated except I think all deleted threads should specify who deleted it and why and for banned posters be identified and by whom and why.

We are the guests here. Not the owners.

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The reason free speech came up is because we were discussing free speech vs. hate speech, specifically as it related to that Eskimo player.

We are all well aware that politics and religion are verboten subjects here.

Hard not to veer into religion as the suggestion was that the alleged hate speech from that player was based on his religious beliefs.

So whenever, in that thread, the posts tended to veer into religion, we all agreed not to continue down that road but to deal with it via private messages.

I think that was a very reasonable approach. Apparently the powers that be here didn't agree. Check that; one power that be said it was a reasonable and allowable conversation to have, and then another power that be went and didn't lock the thread but instead deleted it in its entirety.

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I know , you guys were pretty good about that.
Ironically most of the guys who were so adamant about religious posts be taken away no longer post at all. Same as the political bomb throwers.
Generally the mood on here is pretty good. I think Sully has done a good job.

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The issue is, to use your analogy, one group is going into the Tim Hortons and asking for a Whopper, recieves it, then complains and complains and complains if the Tims gives the next guy a Big Mac.

My general observation is that you can flame a variety of topics (millennials, religion (well not Islam but certainly Christianity), and so on but not others.

Jones veered into one of those sacred cows by sharing his thoughts on homosexuals. My guess is the same action would not have been taken had he flamed, say, Christianity. Which, to me, is discrimination.

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Hmmm...I don't or haven't seen any pounding on Christianity on here. But we don't need that debated.

I was assuming you were referring to the CJ topic.

I haven't seen it on here either. In relation to sports in general, however, you can look at the Tim Tebow example where he was an "open Christian" and was insulted repeatedly for it. Nobody was calling for those people to be fired.

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Sort of guests but more like customers and in some cases big paying customers . The CFL gets direct feedback that normally they pay for thru a third party .

Not good to insult paying customers for your business with I know more than you tactic from a football business that requires huge amounts of philanthropy every year .

150 million for covid and firing a player then using a contract idiom as an excuse for a knee jerk reaction to a mob is what people are debating .

Those areas the Cfl should be listening especially if the dialogue is benign compared to the severe reality of the situation .

I saw tons of racism on social media telling him to get a job at McDonalds and return to the hood talk . It was disgusting behaviour by most likely non CFL fans . I noticed many American black players exposed to that talk when a fan or non fan turn on them .

The idea I guess is that they are that desperate to play for so little with so much risk they are not capable of aspiring to anything worthy . I find that offensive .

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Not sure what you are trying to say here.
But for everyone who maybe "insulted" goes one who is saying Thank gawd that is over. Always good to not over inflate ones importance.

Social media is not representative of ANYTHING.