An open Letter to Bob Young

Hi Bob,

We have a problem, people are upset, the co-ordination is not working and the franchise is coming off as half assed.

I offer my services as VP of little things.

  1. I will deal with the city and the stadium and make sure folks can bring in unopened bottles of water, kid's snacks and baby formula.

  2. I will make sure that TV deals run as agreed to and no blackouts occur when fans should be able to view them.

  3. I will listen at least 4 hours a day to complaints in the forum about abusive fans and/or fans standing and actually do something about it.

  4. I will make sure that water is available to all fans and team members without cost and that Hamilton City Services makes sure that all water fountains in Ivor Wynn stadium actually work.

  5. I will listen to complaints about the website and make sure that the designers fix the problems that are brought up.

  6. I will make sure that spontaneous food drives are catered too and allowed to happen.

  7. I will try to implement for season ticket holders that are spam and virus free.

8) I will try to make more people aware of the the free HRS transport available to them.
  1. I will always strive to be available to anyone to answer their questions regarding anything TigerCat related.

  2. I will strive to take a much more aggressive approach to client satisfaction.

  3. I will make it my personal mission to only contact Fans when they want to go to a game (I'm an Al's fan and a call every week doesn't go offer to well with me when I have to telll them the same thing each week, I'm sure that's the same deal for other fans as well).

I have numbers 12 - 20 as well, but for now they will remain my secret.

You may PM me or contact me at



You are an als fan.....maybe you should take such an interest in your own team.

Screw your number 1-11....heres the only problem that needs addressing:

PLEASE PUT A COMPETITIVE TEAM ON THE FIELD, thats all i ask for, is to at least give us a chance. Tonight i have this strange feeling of not being an embarassment to the rest of the cfl, and I like it and want to feel it more often.

The little things really dont matter at times like this. You can give me free beer at home games but i still wouldnt be happy when we dont score a touchdown in 4 games.

Pfft, when the Als were bankrupt I was bringing them footballs to practice with and I went to all the games at the big O (ouch, what a place to view a game).

You make the game a better place for everyone to be and more people come. You make the home team happy and they play harder for you.

You make the team responsible for what they are doing and have the fans more involved and you have a better team.

Think about it.

Get A Quarterback...Entertain your customers...This is a buisness. Your buisness is to entertain the fans...the paying customers....We deserve better... Enough sizzle...I'm hungrey for some steak.....